Addiction Treatment Program Illinois

Deciding to go into treatment is never easy, but this is a step that becomes easier with you can be sure you are choosing the right addiction treatment program in Illinois. Knowing where to look and what to look for will be half of the battle. Even if you cannot start the search right away, know that the help is always there for you when you want it. 

There are several questions to ask yourself when looking for a treatment center, such as: 

  • Is the center accredited and licensed?
  • Will there be insurance coverage through my provider?
  • Does the staff have the ability to provide expert care?
  • Are co-occurring mental health issues addressed as part of treatment?
  • What is the environment like at the facility?
  • What kinds of programs or activities are offered?
  • Will my family members or loved ones have options for support?
  • What will I expect when leaving my treatment program?

Here at Condor Life Services, we offer a diverse selection of treatment programs. Not only that, but we also have caring staff who are there for our clients each step of the way. Some of the different services that we offer at our addiction treatment program in Illinois include:

  1. Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP) – Something that sets us apart from other rehab centers is that we have intensive outpatient treatment in Illinois that is second-to-none. Once a client has been involved in a partial hospitalization plan (PHP) or released from inpatient care, this is a program totally customizable to their needs.
  2. Family Support – There are usually loved ones who are impacted greatly by someone in their family going into an addiction treatment program in Illinois. We understand all of the emotions and obstacles this presents, so we offer family support to assist family members throughout this process.
  3. Outpatient Treatment – We are also an outpatient drug rehab facility in Illinois. This type of treatment offers monthly treatment totaling 16 hours, including individual weekly sessions and 90-minute group sessions.
  4. Outside Support – There is nothing worse than going to an Illinois drug rehab and inpatient alcohol rehabs in IL without knowing where to turn for resources once you leave. We will help find the best support groups to get the continual assistance to remain successful throughout your recovery journey.
  5. Aftercare – As mentioned, there is a lot that rides on the level of support that any patient has after leaving a program. Even when you take part in treatment at one of the top rehab centers in Illinois, you must have a support group and various options available to you for aftercare. We can be there to ensure you have all of the guidance and support you need for success and healing.

Nothing is worth your life, so getting the treatment that you need for addiction is the best first step into the next chapter of your journey. Contact Condor Life Services and discover your true path in life with our one-of-a-kind online substance disorder counseling by calling (833) 955-5888.

Addiction Treatment Program Illinois

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Addiction Treatment Program Illinois

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