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At Fast Health Quotes, we help you buy the most affordable individual and family health insurance plans. We work with some of the top insurers in the country and help you  buy health insurance effective immediately at the best price.

How quickly can you get health insurance?

In the majority of the states, when you enroll for private health insurance between the 1st and 15th day of a month, your health coverage should start by the first day of the next month. However, if you enroll between the 16th and 30th or 31st of a month, your policy will become effective only from the first day of the second following month.

For instance, if you enrolled on December 16, 2019, your coverage will begin only on February 1, 2020. We help you find the best health insurance quotes so that you can make the right decision and enjoy the highest quality medical care at the earliest.

3 Best health insurance companies of 2020

Kaiser Permanente is a top performer in the Western states, Northwest, and South Atlantic regions. It holds a whopping 84.1% customer satisfaction rating. With strong customer service, attractive health savings account options, and a large variety of health plans, it is undoubtedly one of the best health insurance providers of 2020. Secondly, BCBS health care is available in all 50 states and holds a place in the top insurance firms for this year. It offers its customers access to HSAs and flexible spending accounts.

Besides, UnitedHealthcare has excellent ratings when it comes to financial strength. It offers the best individual insurance plans that meet the ACA requirements for essential care. Furthermore, UHC members also enjoy privileges such as access to online care, the ability to order prescriptions online, attend online wellness programs, etc.

Best health insurance plans for families

Family health insurance plans in the market offer different coverages and benefits. Here is a list of health insurance companies that offer the best plans:

  • Humana – It offers the best plans, where policyholders incur the lowest out-of-pocket costs. It is available in most of the states, comes with affordable plans, and offers home healthcare options.
  • Kaiser Permanente – It is a great option for individuals with low-income jobs, but is available only in nine states. It holds excellent customer ratings, comes with low premiums, and an easy quotation process.
  • Aetna – Aetna holds the reputation for offering the most competitive quotes. It is available in all the 50 states and offers customers with automatic claim tools.
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield – Blue Cross Blue Shield has an extensive network, offers excellent coverage, and the best online experience to its customers.
  • United Healthcare – It is a well-established insurance provider with a high-performing online portal and several dedicated programs for women’s health. United Healthcare is available in all 50 states, offers a wide range of competitive plans, and value-added benefits to customers like virtual visits, estimate tools, etc.

For more questions like ‘How do I get temporary health insurance between jobs,’ and ‘How to purchase health insurance that’s effective immediately,’ speak to one of us at Fast Health Quotes today. We help our clients purchase short-term health insurance at the best price and without any delays. Visit our website to buy health insurance effective immediately and for more details on how to buy health insurance today.

Fastest Way To Buy Health Insurance That Is Effective Immediately

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