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Counselling Louisville KY

The effects of addiction on individual and their immediate society can be quite fatal if not appropriately handled by qualified health professionals and therapists. Addiction is known to lead to health problems such as mental illnesses and behavioral disorders.

However, addiction does not have to cause damage before seeking professional help that would respect your addiction journey and support you to make better decisions. Our institution provides addiction counseling in Louisville with proven records of success with our past clients.

What We Do

At Solutions Counseling Center, we offer adult counseling in Louisville, KY, with the hope and support required to overcome all forms of addiction and get your life right back on track with our professional expertise and comprehensive support.

We understand that each journey is different, and we provide treatment and services based on individual factors such as lifestyle and environment to help our clients resolve their addictions. Sometimes, to offer the most individualized care, we also involve your primary caregivers on your journey through overcoming addiction and adopting a healthy lifestyle. 

Our Individual Counseling Service

Individual counseling combined with either form of addiction treatment (whether inpatient or outpatient) has proven over time to be the most effective way to effect a permanent change in an addiction pattern. Before and after care, individual counseling helps assess patients’ needs and solidify the effects of treatment.

Our counselors are professionally trained and licensed therapists in Louisville, KY, trained to do their work without judging or criticizing, providing our clients with the strength and support they need through their treatment phase. Individual counseling has slowly but surely become one of the best approaches to substance abuse and addiction treatment as it involves breaking psychological and behavioral patterns.

While individual counseling is only a fraction of the total treatment, it is an integral part of teaching and equipping clients with lifelong skills such as decision-making, consistency, and determination. These skills help build strong individuals, make a recovery permanent, and strengthen individuals with support and skills to prevent relapse and maintain sobriety forever.

While physical treatment of addiction using detoxification methods is essential, the only way a lasting change can be seen in the recovery of an addict is through individual counseling to provide mental and emotional healing.

One-on-one discussions in our Louisville KY counseling sessions help identify individual strengths, weaknesses, and circumstances surrounding addiction to plan a holistic form of care and treatment.

At Solution Counseling, individual counseling is always a collaborative process between our counselors and patients. The process requires honesty and willingness to enhance your recovery positively. You can always feel relaxed at our center while sharing your thoughts in a judgment-free and private environment. Our individual counseling sessions at Solution Counseling are confidential and consistent to help lay a solid foundation for recovery.

Searches for the best adult therapist near me in Louisville have brought many clients to our institution. We offer the best services to clients without prejudice, supporting and encouraging them through the journey of defeating their addictions. Contact Solutions Counseling Center to learn more: 502-384-2100.

Counselling Louisville KY