Telehealth Addiction Treatment Wisconsin

Substance abuse treatment does not have the same technological advancements as other medical areas. Telehealth technologies have a small implementation in the US, but not so much around the world. Studies show that telehealth is powerful in transforming and improve how we treat addiction, with the potential of massive changes for the deadliest cases.  

What is telehealth addiction treatment?

Telehealth uses computers and telephones to manage and monitor health remotely until the patient is in a healthy state. Adaptation of telehealth technologies stands at 1%, which is devastatingly low in comparison to other treatment programs in Wisconsin drug rehab and inpatient alcohol rehabs in WI. Telehealth technology uses technology to offer a safe and high-quality treatment so patients can recover from their homes’ comfort. Our telehealth addiction treatment in Wisconsin is easily accessible and convenient, with the following specific programs:

  • Care coordination and management
  • Peer support
  • Medication-assisted treatment
  • Group and individualized treatment
  • Psychoeducation

How does telehealth work?

Addiction recovery is a long-term effort that requires the support of professional counselors. This stage is where telehealth comes into play as it allows patients to receive treatment without traveling to a treatment center. Telehealth works with the use of communication devices like tablets, phones, laptops, and smartphones. It is a common application for dealing with patients who cannot get to the treatment center and has earned the most widespread use during the Covid pandemic.

Over the years, telehealth addiction treatment advanced with secure video conferencing platforms. The best systems ensure the safety, security, and privacy of all patients and providers so they can share as much information as possible while maintaining patient confidentiality. Condor Life Services must adhere to HIPPAA compliant services while conducting sessions to reduce the stress, anxiety, and disruption of residential patients.

Telehealth addiction treatment in Wisconsin uses the same programs as top rehab centers in Wisconsin. The counselors use the same therapeutic approaches like cognitive therapy and motivational counseling to work on recovery.

Benefits of telehealth treatment


It is easy to find time for treatment than if you had to attend intensive outpatient treatment in Wisconsin – you will enjoy receiving treatment from anywhere in the world or as you take a break from work and school at the comfort of your home.


Many people hesitate to get professional treatment because they do not want to experience the stigma associated with attending rehab. The privacy of your home makes the program easy and the treatment quickly attainable.

Quick access

Some people have to endure long distances or moves from rural areas to get a drug rehab facility in Wisconsin. Telehealth by Condor Life Services is beneficial to anyone who cannot separate themselves from their living situation due to work, distance, family, and other life demands. It is also easier for the assigned health professional to check up on you throughout the day than if you were subscribed to outpatient treatment. You can attend as many sessions as permissible and have frequent touchpoints to motivate you in the recovery process.

Do you know if telehealth treatment is proper for you? Get in touch at  833-955-5888 for an evaluation and more information on the program.


Telehealth Addiction Treatment Wisconsin

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Telehealth Addiction Treatment Wisconsin

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