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Drug abuse causes 3000 deaths in Florida annually. This statistic is alarming as it points to the vast counts of people in the state who need help living a better life.

If you or a loved one are starting their recovery journey, here are five things you should avoid if you want to recover from addiction in the long term successfully:

  1. Neglecting Your Addiction

The first step to eliminating any problem is to acknowledge that it exists. Recognizing addiction as a life-threatening problem isn’t easy, but it is the first step to freeing yourself from a devastating habit and attaining a happy life.

If you’re confused about whether your addiction is a problem or if you’re on the edge about seeking rehab, call up Condor Life Services. Our online counseling experts will guide you towards the decision that’s best for you and your loved ones.

  1. Avoiding Detoxification

Detoxification helps clear the harmful substance from your body and limits withdrawal symptoms. It is quite likely that as a recovering addict, you will be given medicines for reducing withdrawal signs.

Detoxification is by no means an easy process: you might encounter severe physical and mental discomfort in trying to rid your body of harmful substances. However, it is a critical step of the addiction recovery process and helps mitigate your urge to consume such substances.

At our drug rehab facility in Florida, you will be guided through the detox process with ultimate care to minimize the discomfort that accompanies drug withdrawal. Our individualistic approach to treatment ensures you’ll receive all the help you need to strive through the process and emerge successfully.

  1. Not Participating in Counselling and Behavioral Therapies

Participation in counseling and behavioral therapies is the next step to treatment after detoxification. At our Florida Addiction Recovery Center, we offer various beneficial therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and motivational interviewing.

For recovering drug addicts, cognitive behavioral therapy recognizes and changes thinking patterns associated with substance use. Motivational interviewing is also one of the best non-medicinal treatments to addictions, as it helps improve addicts’ willingness to adjust and change behavior.

  1. Not Participating in Rehabilitation Programs

Rehabilitation programs have a meticulously planned structure to aid each patient’s complete recovery. Often, the length and features of the program can be overwhelming for the patient already leading a difficult life due to their addiction.

However, such long-term addictive and substance-related disorders treatment programs can be very effective.

At Condor Life Services, we operate one of the finest Florida Drug rehab and inpatient alcohol rehabs in FL. Our medical experts will devise the ideal recovery program for you, depending on the extent and type of your addiction. Our top of the line programs will ensure that you transition to normal life and resume your family, professional and social responsibilities.

  1. Refusing to Take Medication

You must adhere to the medicinal regime prescribed by your doctor to rehabilitate fully. Long-term medication is a crucial part of drug recovery, helping reduce cravings for the substance and mitigating the impact of withdrawal symptoms.

At Condor Life Services, medication management is an indispensable part of our intensive outpatient treatment in Florida. We work closely with certified specialists and doctors to assign appropriate medicinal regimes to patients that supplement their behavioral and cognitive therapies.

Our holistic rehabilitation programs make us one of the top rehab centers in Florida, with patients suffering from all substance addictions, from meth to alcohol, successfully recovering and taking their place in functional society as healthy, happy individuals.

Contact Condor Life Services and discover your true path in life with our one-of-a-kind online substance disorder counseling: 833-955-5888

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