How It Works

“How Does it Work?” Simple.

Step 1: Get In Touch

Fill out our contact form, chat with or call us. It’s that simple!

Step 2: Connect With Us

Speak with our Intake Clinicians to determine the best level of care & schedule that fit your needs.

Step 3: Get Started

Work with your primary & group clinicians to implement your personalized treatment plan as a blueprint for your recovery.

Fill out our contact form, chat with or call us. Help is just that close. Talk to our Admissions and Intake Clinicians, who will work a schedule for you to fit your own scenario and needs.

Once you speak with our Admissions team, you have the say in how you want to proceed in our program. The most important thing we want you to know is that we are here for you. As difficult as addiction recovery can be, you are never alone in your struggles. There are people who are facing similar obstacles as you, as well as clinicians who dedicate their lives to helping others.

How are you feeling now that you admitted your problem and initiated the first steps to recovery? Do you feel that our program will fit into your busy schedule and provide you with the supportive services you need? Do you have preferences as to the best times and days of the week to attend counseling?

Being honest with yourself helps your clinician build a resilient treatment plan that you can follow.

Your Blueprint to Long-Term Recovery

Once we set up your personalized addiction treatment program, we’ll assign you a primary clinician. This individual will assess your situation and become acquainted with your life. What triggers are you facing? What lifestyle changes can you make to support sobriety?

Your first meeting with your clinician will be about an hour long, and this will complete your initial analysis and assessment. Armed with this information, your clinician will have a better understanding of your needs, your strengths and weaknesses and your goals for recovery. This all creates the blueprint that you will follow during treatment.

Finding Your Group Fit

With your blueprint in place, the next step is to assign you to a group and a Group Clinician based on your needs and schedule. Your fellow group members are the ones who will get to know you the best as you work on your recovery. If there are things that have blocked your recovery in the past, we can work through them during your group sessions.

We encourage all members to participate and interact with each other. We realize this takes time for some individuals, and that’s okay. However, by opening up to your fellow group members, you will learn new socialization and communication skills and develop a desire to build healthier relationships.

What is Holding YOU Back?

Whether it’s a matter of life issues, medical issues or relationship issues, our mission is to address all possible aspects of what is stopping you from living your best life. We monitor your progress from day one and make sure that your Condor Life Services treatment plan is working for you. We also tweak milestones and fine-tune your path to recovery to ensure you’re meeting all goals.

The Permanent Move Forward!

What about the future? Transitioning! Whether you look to Condor Life Services to be involved in your aftercare or a combination of personal, family and community support, your Clinician team will assemble the best possible aftercare/transition plan that puts you on the road to long-term recovery.

We help our clients build healthy lives that embrace sobriety while motivating them to complete other life goals. There is an old saying that comes from AA: When you lose your focus on sobriety, you lose everything else. Sobriety must be your top priority.

While recovery from drug and alcohol addiction might involve setbacks and remissions (as with any other disease), just remember that this is not failure. By admitting your setback and getting additional support, you can get back on track with your goals.

We at Condor Life Services wish to guide you, one step at a time, towards obtaining and maintaining sobriety in the long term.

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