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Residential treatment programs are a vital part of the road to recovery. However, the journey does not end there. After completing their residential program, patients still need a great deal of aftercare and support to remain sober. Such patients can benefit greatly from enrolling in an Illinois IOP program.

What can I gain from intensive outpatient treatment in Illinois?

Our Illinois IOP program at Condor Life Services promises the highest level of outpatient care for people struggling with substance use disorders. Whether you’re just completing a residential program or your addiction is not severe enough to warrant inpatient treatment, you can trust us to tailor our Illinois IOP program to suit your needs. The program schedule comprises 1-hour online counselling sessions with a physician and 3-hour group therapy sessions weekly. The patient will also complete four written tracks to review and address addiction issues each week.

Who’s the IOP program for?

The IOP program is specially created for people who have just been discharged from treatment centres and those whose addiction is not severe enough to warrant inpatient treatment. It’s the highest level of outpatient care available, and it offers intensive yet flexible treatment for everyone struggling with substance use disorder. The flexibility will particularly benefit people who cannot afford to take time off work, people who are always on the move, and those who cannot transport themselves to treatment facilities.

Are online IOP treatment programs effective?

Yes, online treatment programs can be just as effective as offline programs and support groups. The flexibility facilitates compliance with the treatment program, and many patients feel more comfortable sharing their stories in their safe space. The most important thing here is identifying if the program is the right fit for the said patient at that time. For example, if an individual is suicidal or has underlying mental health disorders, the appropriate step will be enrolling in a residential program.

Will the online sessions be confidential?

At our drug rehab facility in Illinois, we understand the importance of confidentiality regarding addiction treatment. Thus, we ensure this sacred clause is maintained in all our on-site and online treatment programs. For our offline sessions, we use one-time, one-use links via 256 AES encryption. The state-of-the-art security system all but guarantees that no one else will be privy to your conversation with the therapist or other group members.

What if I meet someone I know in my group treatment session?

Our intensive outpatient treatment in Illinois typically welcomes clients from all over the United States and even outside the country. So, if anything, the possibility of meeting someone you know is lower than regular offline programs. On our own part, we employ the convenience of technology to ensure patients who live in the same area are not scheduled in the same group. This further reduces your chances of seeing someone you know.

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