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Our drug rehab facility in Illinois is highly-regarded across the state for its comprehensive residential care program. This program allows those struggling with drug or alcohol addiction to overcome their chemical dependence with the guidance and supervision of our addiction specialists. But as effective as the Condor Life Services inpatient program is, it is not for everybody. That’s why we offer an alternative outpatient treatment plan.

Just like our residential care program, our intensive outpatient treatment in Illinois is recognized as being one of the finest rehabilitation programs in the Prairie State. But what makes it so special? Why should you choose our outpatient treatment programs over those provided by other top rehab centers in Illinois? Read on and find your answer!

Here is everything you need to know about Condor Life Services’ Illinois outpatient rehab.

Standard Outpatient Program

The most notable disadvantage of residential care is that it requires the patient to put their entire life on hold. For some people, this is an absolute necessity and is the only way they can focus on their recovery. For others, however, it is not an essential part of the rehabilitation process. 

If you feel you don’t require the structure and intensity of a Condor Life Services residential treatment plan, you should consider pursuing our standard outpatient program instead. This program consists of 20 hours per month, most of which goes into counseling sessions. Patients are expected to complete two group therapy meetings a week, along with one individual therapy meeting. 

Because our standard outpatient program is so flexible, patients don’t have to worry about their professional or personal lives being negatively impacted by course time. Our addiction specialists will work with you to craft a schedule that allows you to uphold your commitments to the outside world while simultaneously completing your rehabilitation. 

Intensive Outpatient Program

For many working professionals, residential care is not an option. However, they still feel they require the stability and supervision of an inpatient program to help them achieve and maintain sobriety. That’s why we offer an intensive outpatient program. 

The Condor Life Services intensive outpatient program features many of the Same treatment methods as typical inpatient alternative, but allows the patient to maintain a degree of commitment to their personal and professional projects. Our Illinois IOP requires the patient to complete a total of 40 hours per month for 120 days. In that time, they will receive a personalized treatment plan and will be expected to complete three group therapy sessions and one individual therapy session per week. 

Each patient enrolled in our IOP will have their progress tracked by their primary clinician. This will allow our team of expert addiction specialists to identify areas where the patient is struggling and alter their treatment plan accordingly. Meanwhile, patients will have access to 24-hour support, ensuring they always have somebody to turn to in moments of weakness.

Online Options

Unlike many other Illinois drug rehab and inpatient alcohol rehabs in IL, we make both of our outpatient treatment programs available online. This is particularly beneficial in the current climate, where the global pandemic has made it impossible for many people to attend in-person treatment. However, our online outpatient options are also beneficial in more conventional times, as they allow patients to complete their coursework no matter where they are in the world. 

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