Illinois Outpatient Rehab

Are you searching for an Illinois outpatient rehab that will accommodate your busy schedule?

This won’t be an issue with Condor Life Services. Our outpatient rehab is delivered in an online format using Zoom technology, allowing you to access high quality treatment from the comfort of home. Whether you are looking to start or continue your journey, our caring, compassionate clinicians will guide you down the right path.

Why People Need Illinois Outpatient Rehab

If you’re having trouble stopping your drug or alcohol use, it’s time for a formal treatment program. Addiction doesn’t just go away on its own. While some people still believe that a bit of willpower and motivation go a long way in stopping addiction, this is not the case. Addicts require rehabilitative care that includes group and individual counseling.

Why does this type of treatment make a difference? Because even if you are able to physically stop using drugs or alcohol, the underlying factors that led to the abuse are not addressed. For example, if you suffer from depression or anxiety, you may use drugs or alcohol to deal with the symptoms. Or, if you suffered abuse or neglect in the past, you may turn to substances to numb the pain.

By working through a formal treatment program, you can address these underlying issues so that they do not sabotage your recovery later on. This is what actually stops the cycle of abuse. Without individual and group counseling, you’re much more likely to return to substances when things get tough.

Is Illinois Outpatient Rehab Right For You?

Outpatient treatment fits into a wider spectrum of addiction treatment. If your addiction is severe, you will likely need to detox in a medically supervised facility where you can receive around-the-clock attention. Once you are fully detoxed, you can enter a residential facility or an intensive outpatient program, which is also offered through Condor Life Services.

We generally recommend outpatient rehab for those who have worked through some treatment already. The best way to know if outpatient care is right for you is by contacting our intake specialists. They can determine the best level of treatment based on your needs.

Here are some of the signs that you can benefit from an Illinois outpatient rehab like ours:

  • You have a strong support network at home
  • You work, go to school or have family obligations
  • You have received some treatment through an intensive outpatient program or residential rehab
  • You do not require 24-hour supervision or detox services
  • You need support as you transition into the real world

Take the First Step to Lifelong Recovery

If you don’t want to drive back and forth to treatment, an online rehab is an excellent solution. You don’t have to miss work or school, pay for childcare or arrange for transportation. You can get the support you need from the privacy and comfort of home. To learn more about our Illinois outpatient rehab and how it can support your journey, contact Condor Life Services today. A happier, healthier life is just around the corner.

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