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Condor Life Services is proud to be the preeminent force in Michigan addiction recovery. Every year, we work with hundreds of people from the Great Lake State, all of whom come to us hoping to overcome their chemical dependence and reclaim their lives. We also make our services available to out-of-state clients, who want to work with one of the most respected rehabilitation clinics in the United States.

So how did Condor Life Services surpass the other top rehab centers in Michigan? Why do so many people choose us to help them and their loved ones achieve and maintain sobriety? Much of our success can be traced back to the philosophy of our addiction specialists. Their unique attitude towards addiction recovery has allowed them to unlock the true potential of each patient, as you’ll see below.

Here is a comprehensive breakdown of the philosophy that guides our drug rehab facility in Michigan.

Customized Treatment Plans

At Condor Life Services, we recognize that addiction is a deeply personal issue. Even though a patient requires the support and care of our addiction specialists, they must still rely on themselves to triumph over temptation and maintain sobriety even in the most trying times. For this reason, we provide each of our patients with a customized treatment plan.

When you enroll in one of our rehabilitation courses, you will receive a personalized treatment plan that is based upon your unique goals and aspirations. This plan will cater to your personality and interests, ensuring you remain invested throughout the recovery process. Studies have repeatedly shown that rehab clinics which provide their patients with customized treatment plans in this manner have a much higher success rate than those that don’t.

Outpatient Options

Many Michigan drug rehab and inpatient alcohol rehabs in MI, require their patients to complete a residential program, leaving them with no outpatient options whatsoever. While inpatient care certainly has its advantages, it can be incredibly inconvenient for those who cannot take an extended break from work or personal commitments.

Our addiction specialists believe that a patient should not be forced to undergo residential treatment if they don’t feel it is right for them. That’s why we provide multiple outpatient options. These include a standard outpatient program (consisting of 20 hours per month) and an intensive outpatient program (consisting of 40 hours a month). Both allow the patient to maintain a connection to the outside world and both have an excellent track record of helping patients achieve sobriety. In fact, our IOP is considered by many to be the best intensive outpatient program in Michigan.

Family Counseling

At Condor Life Services, we believe that complete rehabilitation requires not just the recovery of the patient, but the recovery of the family as well. For this reason, we offer comprehensive family counseling services to all those who require it. If your addiction has damaged your relationship with your loved ones, our addiction specialists will work with all parties involved to achieve understanding and forgiveness. For many recovering addicts, the support and unity of their family is the foundation upon which lasting sobriety is built.

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