Michigan IOP Program

An intensive outpatient program offers more support than traditional outpatient treatment.

It’s a great fit for those who need more structure than what a typical outpatient program provides, though not as rigid as an inpatient program.

Condor Life Services is unique because our Michigan IOP program is delivered in an online format. Rather than having to drive back and forth to meetings, you can get the care you need from the comfort and privacy of home. This is what makes our treatment services attractive to working professionals.

If you believe that our Michigan IOP treatment program is right for you, contact Condor Life Services today. Our intake clinicians will determine the best level of care based on the severity of your addiction, the treatment you have had and your goals for recovery.

Group Therapy: A Core Part of IOP

At Condor Life Services, our IOP consists of 40 hours of therapy each month for 120 days. Each week, you’ll spend nine hours in group therapy and one hour in individual therapy. Your individual sessions will be done with your Primary Clinician, giving you a chance to discuss your progress and the things you need to work on.

Group therapy is the core of Michigan IOP treatment. Within this safe, supportive environment, you’ll discuss a number of topics freely, without judgement. We recognize that privacy is important to our clients, so you are free to use your first name only or your initials. All video sessions are also password protected and encrypted.

Group therapy is essential because you will learn how to do the following:

  • Build healthy coping skills
  • Identify and manage your triggers
  • Give and receive encouragement
  • Develop good relationships
  • Discover stress management techniques
  • Strengthen communication skills

Who Should Participate in a Michigan IOP Program

Intensive outpatient programs are best for individuals who need encouragement and structure as they adjust to a normal routine. Some of our clients choose IOP after completing an inpatient program while others start their journey with us after detox. The good news is that you can work part-time and take on more responsibility while getting the care you need.

Because an IOP offers less structure compared to an inpatient program, it’s important for you to have a stable home life. We recommend our program for the following individuals:

  • Willingness to attend all therapy sessions
  • In the process of transitioning to full independent living
  • No longer requires detox or around-the-clock supervision
  • Desire to choose their own meeting times
  • Wants to keep their treatment private and confidential
  • Prefers not to travel back and forth to therapy

Getting Started with Michigan IOP Treatment

If you’re ready to start intensive outpatient treatment, contact Condor Life Services today. Our intake clinicians will be happy to answer your questions and determine the best level of care based on the severity of your addiction and the goals you hope to reach.

Once your treatment plan is put together, you can start our Michigan IOP program right away. We find that our clients do very well because our meetings are convenient and flexible, allowing members to focus solely on healing. There’s no rushing around to meetings or trying to hide treatment due to the stigma. Everything is done from the privacy of home.

Begin your journey to healing today with Condor Life Services. We are here for you!

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