Michigan Outpatient Rehab

If you need treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction but you’re not prepared to stay at a treatment facility, a Michigan outpatient rehab can be a great alternative.

While it does not provide detox or supervision, it does offer a rigorous amount of individual and group therapy. This support allows you to transition to your normal routine while having encouragement along the way.

An outpatient rehabilitation program is also a great fit for those who have completed an intensive outpatient program – something that Condor Life Services offers. It’s a step down from IOP, providing the same services, though less frequently. If you feel that an outpatient program is the right fit for you, contact our intake clinicians to learn more about your options.

Main Benefits of Seeking Michigan Outpatient Rehab

People often make assumptions about addicts that are inaccurate. These stereotypes create problems for people living with addiction and stand in the way of them seeking treatment. A persistent misconception about addicts is that they’re living on the streets, homeless and addicted. But this isn’t always true.

In reality, millions of addicts are hardworking individuals who pay their bills, have families and help out in their communities. Because they don’t fit the stereotype of being an addict, their drug or alcohol problems often go unnoticed. Unfortunately, addiction is a progressive disease that will get worse without intervention.

Luckily, people do not need to “go away for a while” to receive treatment. Treatment can come to them so they’re able to continue working and taking care of their responsibilities. The benefits of seeking an online outpatient rehab through Condor Life Services are:

  • Reduced costs. We accept most private pay insurance, as well as Tricare. Our costs are also cheaper because you don’t have to live at our facility or pay for childcare or transportation.
  • Personalized treatment. Our Michigan outpatient rehab is delivered straight to you. This allows you to access high quality treatment services from the convenience of home. Your treatment plan will also be personalized to your exact needs.
  • Convenient and flexible. Condor Life Services offers various meeting times to fit your schedule. This way, you can resume much of your normal routine while learning new skills and strategies for living sober.
  • Private and confidential. No one has to know that you are in a recovery program. Everything is done online from the privacy of home and all video sessions are password protected and encrypted. You also don’t have to use your full name during group sessions.

Who Can Use Michigan Outpatient Rehab

Outpatient programs are often considered a less intensive form of addiction treatment. Because there is no around-the-clock supervision, we recommend this program for those who:

  • Have completed some treatment, such as detox or inpatient
  • Require added structure as they transition to everyday life
  • Can lean on a strong support system at home
  • Need to work or be home to raise their family
  • Are invested in their recovery and will attend all meetings

Condor Life Services aims to break through the barriers of treatment and provide high quality care to those who need it. To learn more about our Michigan outpatient rehab, contact our intake clinicians today.

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