Online Addiction Counseling Florida

Register for online addiction counseling in Florida through Condor Life Services when you need help overcoming an addiction to drugs or alcohol. You may not be able to check in to rehab for a long-term program, but our web-based recovery plan is an excellent alternative to inpatient and outpatient care. It’s easy to sign up for our program- simply follow the three steps outlined on our website when you click the ‘How It Works’ link.

Q: Is Condor Life Services a drug rehab facility in Florida?

A: No, our rehab is 100% online, so you won’t have to drive to meetings or counseling sessions. Our entire program is accessed through your laptop, desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Q: How does Condor Life Services measure up to top rehab centers in Florida?

A: The recovery services we provide online are proven effective in helping clients achieve their recovery goals when they commit to our program and engage in group counseling sessions and recovery meetings.

Q: What are the advantages of doing rehab online?

A: Privacy is one of the main benefits of attending addiction treatment sessions online. Aside from discretion, you’ll benefit from not having to commute to rehab in an outpatient setting. If you have at-home responsibilities, you’ll find our schedule is 100% customizable.

Q: Can an online program take the place of a rehab?

A: Absolutely! Condor Life Services’ program is on the same level as many Florida drug rehab and inpatient alcohol rehabs in WI in terms of quality care. Wherever you find yourself on the path to recovery, our program has much to offer.

Q: How long does CLS’ online program last?

A: Our online substance & alcohol disorder treatment program lasts for 120 days, combining group sessions and individual sessions, depending on your needs.

Q: Is my phone call to Condor Life Services confidential?

A: Your privacy is very important to our staff; you can be certain of complete confidentiality from the moment you contact us.

Q: How can I find out more about online addiction counseling in Florida?

A: Visit our online resources center and click the ‘FAQs’ link from the drop down menu. From there, you’ll find a list of questions frequently posed to our team, and lengthy responses to help you navigate our program. Commonly asked questions include:

  • Do I use my real name in Group Treatment?
  • Can I be seen by anyone else during the group sessions?
  • Is Condor Life Services HIPAA compliant?

Q: How do I get started?

A: Reach out to an intake clinician from Condor Life Services by phone (833-955-5888) or through our convenient Web form- we’ll take it from there. After a thorough assessment of your recovery needs, we’ll begin to put together a customized care plan that includes intensive outpatient treatment in Florida to help you start the recovery process.

Q: How soon can I start recovery?

A: Take the first step right now by getting in touch with our admissions team- don’t wait. The sooner you call the sooner you’ll start the recovery journey.

Online Addiction Counseling Florida

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Online Addiction Counseling Florida

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