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If you need professional treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction but can’t just stop your life, telehealth treatment is worth considering.

Condor Life Services offers personalized online addiction counseling in Florida. All you need to access our treatment services is a tablet or computer, high speed internet and Zoom. We bring the best treatment to you!

Exploring Our Online IOP and OP Treatment Services

With advances in technology, people can now access the healthcare they need from the comfort and convenience of home. Condor Life Services offers two types of online addiction treatment in Florida: an intensive outpatient program and an outpatient program.

  • Our IOP consists of 40+ hours of therapy each month. This includes nine hours of group therapy and one hour of individual therapy each week.
  • Our OP includes 20+ hours of therapy each month. You’ll spend four hours in group therapy and one hour in individual therapy each week.

Group therapy is an important part of the healing process. You can set goals, have people cheer you on and experiment with new behaviors. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn from others. Humans are built to learn and grow in the presence of others, so why would this be any different in a therapeutic setting?

Individual therapy is also a vital part of the recovery process. This time with your Primary Clinician allows you to share your progress, work on certain goals and process past trauma that may have happened in your life. We can always adjust your therapy sessions depending on your needs and how you are progressing.

Enjoy Privacy and Confidentiality with Online Addiction Counseling in Florida

Perhaps the greatest benefit of an online program is that you can maintain your privacy. You don’t have to take an unexcused absence from work or explain to your children why you’ll be gone for several months. You can access high quality, personalized treatment services from the comfort of home.

Our program is designed for working professionals and others who want to maintain much of their normal routine. We have various meeting times throughout the day, allowing you to build a schedule that works for you. In between work, school or other responsibilities, you’ll be able to work on your recovery without becoming bored or tempted.

Additional benefits to seeking online addiction treatment in Florida are:

  • Save money. Condor Life Services accepts most private pay insurance options, as well as Tricare insurance. Because you’re not living at our facility, you can save on the cost of care as well as the cost of transportation and childcare.
  • Keep your job. If you’re one of the millions of people who work and have a substance use disorder, you’ll appreciate an online rehab. You can keep your job and your income while accessing professional treatment.
  • Stay close to your family. Your support circle plays a significant role in your recovery. For the best outcomes, we recommend staying closely connected to your family as you heal, providing they are positive influences.
  • Access treatment anytime, anywhere. Our online addiction counseling in Florida goes with you wherever you are. You never have to rush around to a therapy session or miss an appointment. All you need is the internet, Zoom and a computer or tablet.

There is no reason to wait any longer to access the treatment you deserve. Contact Condor Life Services to learn more about our online treatment services and how they can support your journey to healing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Sign Up for Virtual Counseling?

Signing up for online addiction counseling in Florida is relatively simple. The process depends on your service provider, but you have to get a diagnosis first to know the type of treatment you need, including therapy. Once you know what kind of therapy you need, your service provider should give you log-in details if they have a portal, or you should sign up on their website to get access to a therapist.

Does Insurance Cover the Cost of Online Addiction Therapy?

According to the Affordable Care Act, insurance companies should cover substance abuse treatment, including counseling and behavioral therapy. This often applies to inpatient or outpatient treatment. Fortunately, some insurance companies cover online addiction counseling in Florida.However, to be sure, you must consult with your provider to know what types of treatment are covered or not. You must also determine the type of insurance accepted by the online counseling provider.

Does Online Addiction Counseling Work?

Online addiction counseling works just like traditional counseling, you need to be committed to your recovery journey. With addiction treatment, the longer you stay in the program, the better the outcome. Some people opt out of individual counseling without consulting their physician, which is dangerous because an addict, especially one with a dual diagnosis, might relapse quickly. Online addiction counseling in Florida is an excellent option if you want to continue with treatment, have a flexible schedule, and minimize transportation costs.

Will the Therapist be Available 24/7 or at Set Times?

There are some online addiction therapy hotlines available for free at all times. However, if you are part of an online addiction program in a professional facility, you can talk to your therapist at set times. Not all service providers are the same. Even if you have already had your session, the service might still be available to you whenever you need it. When choosing online addiction counseling in Florida, ensure you find out how the service works and, most importantly, its availability to you.

Is Online Treatment Effective?

Technology has been used in the health care industry for years now. With the recent pandemic, people have had to choose online treatment to receive health care remotely. Recently online treatment has extended to addiction treatment, and research has shown that in some cases, the outcome surpasses or is similar to traditional addiction treatment. Patients can now access online addiction counseling in Florida from the comfort of their homes using various digital devices.

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