Online Addiction Treatment Wisconsin

It’s incredibly freeing when you realize that physically attending rehab is not the only way to receive treatment.

If you are struggling with a drug or alcohol problem, you do not have to say goodbye to your loved ones and take a leave of absence from work or school. Treatment comes in many forms, and thanks to advances in technology, online treatment is a new and preferred approach.

Condor Life Services offers online addiction treatment in Wisconsin. We work with individuals who have a drug or alcohol addiction by providing them with individual and group counseling via Zoom. We find that people are more willing to try our program because it can be done from the privacy and convenience of home.

If you believe that online therapy is right for you, contact Condor Life Services. We believe in you and we are here for you!

Why Choose Online Addiction Counseling in Wisconsin

Condor Life Services offers a safe and supportive space for clients to discuss their feelings and experiences with their peers. We offer an intensive outpatient program (IOP) and standard outpatient program (OP) for 40 or 20 hours a month, respectively. When you call our treatment center, our intake clinicians will ask a few questions and determine the best level of care for your needs.

While online addiction counseling in Wisconsin may feel different from what you’re used to, this type of rehab is just as effective as being in person. In fact, it can be even more effective because people are more willing to participate based on its convenience and accessibility.

Some reasons to choose our online treatment program include:

  • Stay close to supportive friends and family. They play a large role in helping you stay sober!
  • Keep your normal work hours. Did you know that over 10 million full-time workers have substance abuse issues? Our online program is designed with these individuals in mind. Depending on your schedule, you can keep most of your normal working hours while receiving treatment.
  • Save money. Because you’re not living at our treatment center, our costs are reduced compared to residential programs. We also accept most major insurance plans.
  • Access high quality treatment. Whether you live in a rural area of Wisconsin or you have limited transportation, these hurdles no longer have to interfere with receiving good quality care.

How to Start Our Online Addiction Treatment in Wisconsin

The first step in taking advantage of our program is getting in touch with Condor Life Services. Our intake clinicians will determine the best level of care based on the severity of your addiction. Some people come to us as their first step while others use our program to help them transition to the real world following residential treatment.

Once you have your individualized treatment plan set up, you can start online treatment. You’ll receive a balance of group and individual therapy that requires 20 to 40 hours of participation each month. Our meeting times are flexible, and you do not have to use your full name during group sessions if you don’t want to. This is another way we help our clients maintain their privacy.

To start or continue your recovery journey, contact Condor Life Services today. One simple phone call can change your life for the better.

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