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Checking into rehab on the first stay is scary for most people because they fear the experience. The dominant feeling oscillates between crippling fear and hope because part of rehab involves dark introspection, a strenuous detox, and of course, the thought of leaving behind life as you know it.

The initial feelings will have you questioning whether you belong in rehab and the distant feeling that the Orange county rehab is another psyche or prison-like place. It makes sense to be concerned about your stay and what you will encounter.

What to expect in an Orange County rehab

Signing up

The first step is to contact us about your preferred date and time of admission. The period you spend awaiting the due date is crucial for you to heal yourself and get your mind ready. Our staff will talk you through the admission process and make you as comfortable as possible from the moment of arrival. Do not feel afraid when you feel bad because the nurse and recovery specialist have experience handling similar and worse situations until the patient attains some emotional and physical stability.

Intake process

We will confirm your insurance or payment details and escort you to an intake room to record your physical symptoms. Our responsibility is to give you a rundown of the medical treatment process and prep your mind and body for detox and all the drugs involved. We will also check your bag to make sure you do not bring in forbidden items, and everything is well-packed, such as unopened toiletries. The intake process aims to collect data that will help create a comprehensive healing program.

Medical exams

The first 24 hours of treatment will include the following medical exams:

  • Psych assessment to establish your biological, social, and physiological conditions
  • Nursing assessment about your psychological, sociological, and spiritual state
  • Physical ad historical data about your mental and emotional health

These exams and background data help create a clear picture of your treatment options and how long you need to stay in rehab.

First day

The first day in Orange county rehab is overwhelming as you meet new people and break away from a routine of daily drug use. Addiction is an isolating illness, and it will close you off for months, so you do not know how to interact with other people.

You will get a brief tour of the facility to acquaint you with the basics of operations and resources before letting you choose whether to rest in your room or other areas. Remember that the people you meet are all at different stages of recovery; hence you will have different impressions from each one; do not take it offensively. We do not take it lightly that people trust us with their lives by leaving home to spend a couple of weeks or months in a controlled environment; hence you can trust we will do our best to give you a smooth transition.

Rules and regulations

As stated in the beginning, rehab can feel like a trap or enclosure for first-time patients. One way to reduce the environmental fears is to understand the different rules and how they are helping your healing and recovery—Call 714-464-8474 for more information or verify your insurance benefits online.


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