Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Wisconsin

The outpatient treatment program for substance abuse provides patients with proper care and guidance on how to deal with addiction and mental health issues while also living everyday life. This treatment is suitable for patients who don’t require extreme medical detox and constant supervision. Unlike intensive outpatient treatment in Wisconsin, outpatient treatment involves a reduced number of therapy sessions.

Best Drug Rehab Facility In Wisconsin:

Among the top rehab centers in Wisconsin, Condor Life Services offers the most extensive and up-to-date outpatient alcohol treatment, Wisconsin. We guarantee optimum results at our state-of-the-art facility. We have designed our outpatient treatment program that is flexible and can be shaped to fit the demand of different patients.

Our Unique Approach Towards Outpatient Treatment:

Our unique belief and diverse approach towards the healing process of addicts make our outpatient alcohol treatment in Wisconsin completely different from other rehabs.

The main idea of introducing Condor Life Services lies behind the symbol of our rehab. The Condor, “The King of Birds”, represents four virtues: Wisdom, Goodness, Justices, and Leadership. And we try to implement all these characteristics while also helping patients deal with addiction and substance abuse. We want our patients to live freely and independently without any negative feelings, thoughts, or even let drug addiction hinder their way of living a happy and comfortable life.

A Little Overview About Our Outpatient Treatment Program:

You will find our outpatient treatment program entirely different from other Wisconsin drug rehab and inpatient alcohol rehab in WI. Unlike other rehabs, we offer a more customizable and adjustable treatment program that you can fix easily in your busy daily hectic schedule. You have to attend outpatient treatment for 20-hours per month, which includes 2-hours of a group session and 1-hour of individual sessions per week.

Outpatient Treatment Program Through Telehealth:

We further boost your recovery process by introducing telehealth therapy. Using video conferencing, emails, text appointments, and mobile apps, you remain connected to your counselor in situations where you cannot attend a session. You can also organize a family session using a live video conference to enjoy the benefit of family therapy.

A Review Of Our Expert Staff And Clinicians:

Caring and motivating staff is a must when dealing with people who cannot confront their negative thoughts and remain firmly on the path to achieving long-term recovery. But you will find our team highly motivated and enthusiastic about your healing process. Primarily, our clinicians are in recovery themselves, and so they can contemplate your situation better.

Why Choose Condor Life Services For Outpatient Treatment?

We at Condor Life Services believe in giving you wings to fly using our caring staff and advanced treatment options. Along with traditional therapy programs, we also offer the finest telehealth online environment by connecting you to experience clinicians from all around the U.S.A. Moreover, you can feel free to discuss your issues with your counselor without the need to worry about your privacy. We use a one-time, one-use link via 256-AES encryption, which adds a strong layer of security to your online sessions.

Contact Condor Life Services and discover your true path in life with our substance disorder counseling at 833-955-5888.

Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Wisconsin

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Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Wisconsin

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