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In recent times, mental health treatment in Florida has become virtual, with almost all physical sessions canceled; this change is due to the pandemic that hit the world.

Teletherapy and telehealth are through virtual means; the administration of therapy is by licensed and professional psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, and social workers through video conferencing like Zoom Skype, Microsoft Teams, Google chats, etc.

Small counseling has taken over the world and gained popularity and acceptance across Florida and the United States.

Remote Addiction Counseling During The Covid Era

The pandemic has impacted a lot on people’s mental health, and this has put so much strain on the emotional wellbeing of people. Online therapy is helpful for people looking to move their therapy session to an online one or for people just looking to start treatment. Remote addiction counseling during the covid era is necessary because;

Remote counseling is convenient

The anxiety and uncertainties of the changing world due to the pandemic have caused many people to start struggling with mental health as they are now unsure of their mental health.

Remote therapy is very convenient as you do not have to worry about commuting from the rehabilitation center to the office or school. 

Remote therapy reduces your chances of contracting the virus as well as increasing your commitment to treatment as you do not have to worry about missing appointments, make body contacts, or have direct contact with the therapists and other individuals seeking to get help on the road to recovery.

Over time, online counseling and treatment are as effective as physical counseling.

More Choices of Therapists

With the introduction of teletherapy, patients have a wide range of therapists and caregivers to choose from, and this has alienated the fear of stigmatization as well as protecting the privacy of the patient. With online counseling, patients can choose counselors and therapists from different fields and go with one that suits their situation and can relate to their challenges.

Dedication to support

Despite the pandemic causing panic and paranoia among people, therapists have found a way to reach out to people struggling with substance abuse to give them the help they need. 

Remote therapy and counseling have served as a means of connection between patients and their counselors and therapists, so they do not feel left out or relapse. Telehealth counseling helps patients maintain relationships from afar. 

Minimizing risk to healthcare workers

Just as the patients are essential in treating substance abuse, the health workers play a vital role in treating substance abuse. Health workers have saved many lives from being damaged, both psychologically and mentally. It is necessary to keep these health workers safe as they are front lines working tirelessly to ensure that each patient gets the help they require on the road to recovery. Remote counseling reduces workers’ exposure during the pandemic. The use of teleconsultation has helped to reduce the risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus by both the patient and health worker.

The pandemic has caused several changes globally, and some of these changes have resulted in stress, anxiety, substance abuse, and other behavioral and psychological challenges. Our support group is here to help you through this phase and work with you on the road to recovery. At Connor LIfe Services, we are committed to providing support for health and wellness.

With our years of experience, Conor Life services have everything needed to support your journey to recovery and rehabilitation.

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Remote Addiction Counseling Florida

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