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In recent times, unprecedented things have been happening. And it does not seem like uncertainty will be ceasing anytime soon. The coronavirus has not made this position any better. It has triggered dread and anxiety with its contagious nature and liability to mortality.  Its effects have ravaged everywhere, all over the world.

Nations have had to declare shutdowns, leading to businesses closing up and also causing government parastatals to halt work. And all this is a result of the high exposure risk of the covid-19 pandemic. 

In many places, only those with crucial survival businesses were permitted to remain open, and even so under very strict protocols.  These happenings have resulted in a wide range of consequences all over the world.  

Looking at one of the most prominent of these consequences will have us find a high percentage of relapse rates among people who were undergoing addiction recovery from alcohol and/or drugs. 

It is not far-fetched to say that when there’s a spike in the rate of relapse, it could result in deaths caused by drug overdose. 

The rise in alcohol and drug use could be blamed on a myriad of reasons. Such reasons include high unemployment rates, imposed isolation for self-quarantining, and also closure of outpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers too. 

The latter will mean there’s no access to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA) gatherings and the likes. 

Way Out

Despite alcohol and drug treatment centers being forced to swallow bitter pills in the form of making hard closure decisions. But instead of going down the drain, these setbacks have led to the surge in exceptional ways to have recovery treatment administered to people even away from rehab physical facilities. Thus remote addiction treatment programs were given the limelight. 

Moreover, they didn’t just attain their climb to limelight as a result of happenstance. They have proven potent and efficient in Alcohol and Drug addiction treatment too. And great alternatives to traditional outpatient therapy.

Remote Addiction Treatment

Remote rehab basically is an outpatient program that however does not need the patient to ever visit the rehab center. In other words, all forms of therapy are carried out online. Patients only need access to digital and internet-enabled devices to use apps such as Skype, Zoom or Facetime.  This mode is also fantastic for people who probably have a disability or have more engagements than can afford them time to visit a physical rehab center.  

Benefits Of Remote Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery Programs

  • Privacy levels have now become further increased with virtual Outpatient Alcohol & drug treatment.
  • It has allowed more flexible and personalized addiction treatment.
  • It has eliminated the place of stress with the stay-at-home method. Utmost comfort is a core benefit.
  • You get to spend personal time with your addiction therapist or specialist.
  • Sessions can be recorded in video, audio, and text for future purposes. 

Need Addiction Treatment Services?

Condor Life Services is a telehealth drug rehab facility in Florida. So are you in search of a telehealth rehab in Miami? Or do you need the best drug rehab in Orlando for a loved one? Our services are unmatched in Miami when it concerns telehealth addiction treatment. 

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Remote Addiction Recovery Program Florida

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Remote Addiction Recovery Program Florida

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