Remote Addiction Recovery Program Illinois

Remote addiction recovery is the treatment of substance abuse virtually. Because of the changing times as well as the pandemic, a lot of people have opted for treatment of substance abuse through virtual means.  The abuse of substances comes with stigma, isolation, and shame; as such, several people tend to feel awkward going to hospitals, clinics, and rehabilitation centers to get help. Remote addiction treatment fixes this problem as treatment is brought to the client through virtual means like Zoom, Google chats, Microsoft teams, Skype, etc.

Benefits of Telehealth in Addiction Treatment

Through the pandemic and world epidemic, healthcare experts provide quality care to people. Because a visit to the doctor or pharmacist could potentially expose people to the Coronavirus, a virtual visit to the doctor is more advisable and a welcome idea. Treatment and counseling for substance abuse can be done virtually.

Platforms like zoom, Google chat, Skype, Microsoft teams connect patients and therapists through video chats, which are used to conduct substance abuse treatment. There are several benefits of telehealth addiction treatment. They include:

Access to mental health services

Telehealth addiction treatment helps those already participating in addiction treatment before the covid19 pandemic can continue assessing the services needed to continue

use on their journey to recovery. Our telehealth provides a variety of services for people who need access to addiction treatment.

A telehealth therapist can administer telehealth treatment through phone or a video call, Zoom, Skype, and other virtual platforms. Telehealth treatment assistance includes personal therapy, group therapy, family therapy, etc. Telehealth treatment is more favored than other forms because it affords patients to receive treatment from the comfort of their homes without altering their regular life activities.

No delays, No cancellation 

No one likes to wait; it can be a hassle to cancel your appointments or wait your turn. Imagine having to wait for hours before you can see a doctor or therapist, not fun at all. Frequent cancellation of appointments can make patients give up on their recovery and cause a relapse for them. With the introduction of telehealth, cancellations and delays have become a thing of the past as treatment is now accessible. Patients are encouraged to stay on track and faithful to their medications and recovery. When a patient has to make a cancellation, rescheduling is easy and hassle-free.

It helps maintain physical health

Keeping healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a challenge that has become a big concern to Illinois. Telehealth addiction treatment eradicates then training healthy lifestyle during the pandemic as it engages patients in therapy sessions, group therapies, individual therapy sessions, etc. People can get help without being exposed to contracting the virus, and it also helps them maintain their privacy.

It helps people in crisis

With telehealth, treatment for people in crises is easy and accessible to people who need treatment. It is easier to get help for people who are still actively involved in substance abuse, and they can get used out of this crisis with the help of telehealth therapists.

Patients who put so much effort into their telehealthcare can gain so much from it, and it also helps them during their crisis period. It is easier to find ways to accomplish desired goals by sober living through telehealth services and care.

No matter how everything seems to stop, a substance abuser will still find a way to get high. It is no gainsaying that we all need help and a shoulder to lean on during our trying times. Condor Life services are here for you. We run a virtual addiction treatment program that aims at helping you get your life back on track. We are open, available, and accessible, and we are ready to help you on the road to recovery without judging you. 

Are you ready to stop the addiction and move on to recovery? We are just a click away!

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Remote Addiction Recovery Program Illinois

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Remote Addiction Recovery Program Illinois

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