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Most of the people with a substance use disorder are active employees. However, a majority of the employees with addictions don’t seek treatment out of fear of hurting their careers, or even worse, losing their jobs. As a result, many employees battling addiction try to hide it so that they can continue working.

Sadly, alcohol and drug abuse in the workplace can negatively affect your business, from damaging your reputation to legal sanctions and more. Remote addiction treatment in Indiana from us at Condor Life Services could be the solution you need to help your employees and maintain a conducive working environment. We provide premier addiction telemedicine in Indiana to ensure your workers attain sobriety and return to work stronger and healthier.

Benefits of Remote Addiction Treatment for Your Employees

There are numerous advantages of getting your employees addiction treatment from top online telehealth drug rehab facilities in Indiana. Among them are:

  • Ensuring Employee Safety

Drinking or taking drugs leads to decreased alertness, increasing the likelihood of an employee causing accidents. When workers who operate heavy machinery, cooks, and anywhere else aren’t clear-headed due to substance abuse, they could hurt themselves and others at work. This is in spite of the safety measures you’ve put in place.

Given the adverse effects in the workplace in regards to safety, you can address the issue by learning the warning signs of possible addiction. Common signs are appearing tired all the time, constantly making mistakes, having difficulty concentrating, and taking quite a long time to complete simple tasks. It’s important to guide employees who show such signs to seek professional help.

  • Retain Good Employees

No matter how great an employee is, drug or alcohol addiction can cripple their ability to perform at work. Substance abuse increases rates of absenteeism, reduces output, and results in missed deadlines and appointments. Additionally, staff with a substance use disorder take a lot of sick days. CDC data shows that billions of dollars are lost annually in decreased work productivity due to overdrinking.

As an employer, It’s vital to manage an employee with an addiction. For instance, you can draw up drug and alcohol procedures and policies, making sure your team knows of the help available. Also, being informed on the effects of alcohol and drug abuse is key in supporting your staff and getting them the assistance they need from the best drug rehab in Indianapolis.

  • Prevent Legal Sanctions

You can’t show someone the door just because they have an addiction. If you do, you risk legal ramifications as your employees are protected under ADA. Meaning, it’s your legal responsibility to look after the well-being of your staff. Besides, any good employer should look after their employee by encouraging them to seek treatment in a Fort Wayne telehealth rehab rather than firing them.

Let Condor Life Services Break the Addiction Cycle in Your Business

Clearly, there are many benefits to your business of getting your employees Indiana telehealth addiction treatment. At Condor Life Services, we’re ready to offer your employees top-of-the-line remote addiction treatment in Indiana. We work with businesses to provide customized strategies for working professionals. That way, they can become energetic, productive, and healthy employees once more. Contact us by phone or online:

Remote Addiction Treatment Indiana

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Remote Addiction Treatment Indiana

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