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Virtual outpatient addiction treatment is the viral mode of therapy administered these days. The abrupt appearance of Covid-19 and its  restrictions have further placed this form of treatment in the limelight. Not only has it gained popularity due to the pandemic, it has also been discovered to be a trustable and potent form of therapy. 

You are most likely contemplating if it is ideal for you to subscribe to online therapy. Or you don’t even know if you’ll be getting the value you need with remote treatment.  

In this article, the advantages of enrolling for online addiction treatment will be highlighted alongside what we think is/are the con(s) that may be inherent. At the end of this article, you will be able to determine whether to opt for a virtual outpatient program to treat your alcohol addiction.

How Remote Treatment Works

A virtual treatment is literally designed to strictly take place from the comfort of your location, irrespective of where it is. This mode of therapy, before the insurgence of covid-19, came into play as a result of consideration for people with multiple responsibilities that require their physical presence. Such people will find it difficult to attend traditional therapy programs.  

Telehealth platforms provided by therapy organizations will allow you to mingle with other participants while being attended to by therapists. 

Meanwhile, you are not just taken as a group all the time. You have access to individual therapy sessions and so on. In the group, individual and divided classes with therapists, virtual outpatients are drilled in different topics. These topics help in addiction recovery, prevention of relapse and the like.  

Pros of Virtual Alcohol Treatment 

Online alcohol addiction treatment is a working option in the presence of traditional outpatient programs. And here are some reasons to validate this form of treatment. 


One of the advantages of subscribing to online alcohol addiction treatment is the accessibility it provides. Every form of discrimination is eliminated with Virtual outpatient addiction treatment. Regardless of your status, disability, distance or access to transportation, you can attend it. In a nutshell, online therapy is more viable, saves you stress, and conceals your personal qualities you’d rather not bare in person. 


One other core Pro of online addiction therapy is the convenience it affords. As a matter of fact, you only need a few things to be part of an online addiction therapy session. These things include an internet connection, a pc, tablet or smartphone, and a private and quiet room.

And this is quite simple because technology these days has been really simplified. So it’s hard to come by anyone who can’t use smart devices. Thus, from the comfort of your location, you can easily connect without stress. The younger generation would surely prefer this option. Because scheduling a session with a therapist might feel too far-fetched or too revealing for them. 

High-Quality Experience

An additional Pro of Virtual outpatient therapy is the top-notch experience you derive.  The attention you get is equivalent to what you’ll get with traditional outpatient therapy. Of not even more.  All issues are well addressed during sessions, and you can ask questions.


Usually, you can keep a record of Virtual outpatient therapy sessions. Regardless of the format you have the session, be it audio, video or text. They are recordable and keepable for reference’s sake.


  • It cannot replace traditional outpatient therapy.
  • It will not work for people who are not internet savvy, or those in areas without access to the internet.

Want Online Alcohol Treatment?

Condor Services provides online telehealth drug rehab facilities in Illinois. As you can see, the Pros of Virtual outpatient therapy outweigh the cons. 

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