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You might have noticed, or maybe you haven’t noticed, that we are named after the Condor Bird. The bird is widely regarded by the  South American Mapuche people as the ‘King of Birds’. They do not randomly choose to regard it as ‘King Of Birds’, they actually believe it personifies four fundamental virtues. These virtues include Justice, Wisdom, Leadership and Goodness. 

In clearer terms, this exotic bird is a symbol of freedom. It is a natural representation of what it is to experience complete liberty when it comes to living life.   

The regal bird intricately symbolizes what we stand for at Condor Life Services. Just as the winged beauty explores the skies with grace and no restrictions, we look to aid people struggling with addictions. And consequently help them achieve the freedom and fulfilment associated with this grand bird.   

A Revolution For Mental and Behavioral Health Services

One thing that we have ushered in with the offering of our services at Condor, is modernity with efficiency. In times past, if a client wanted to enrol for substance addiction treatment, he/she had to first sign up for an ongoing counseling in a physical structure like a hospital. 

The benefits of these programs are not deniable. However, they are a hamper to the regularity of the day’s procession for an individual’s life. The intrusion in the person’s day-to-day activities by rehabilitation classes at hospitals or clinics, is disadvantageous to helping them get their life in order.  

The Becoming Of Our Telemental Health Services At Condor Life

Crawford established The Saturn Partners in 2001. The Establishment was designed to be a security and HIPAA compliance audit firm that was to help clinics handle issues of privacy, confidentiality and the like.  

Administering counselling to people going through grief or some other personal issues, helped Crawford realize a couple of things at the Saturn Partners. 

Results of research showed that ruining the daily life schedule of a person who is trying to treat an addiction is a setback, as opposed to an advantage. It can be overbearing for an outpatient to stick to a treatment program that requires them to visit  the clinic facility up to 4 times a work week.

This was the trigger for the need of quite flexible, comfortable and virtual-based counseling programs. Subsequently, it led to the founding of Condor Life Services. And it has gone on to become one of the best drug rehab in Chicago. Moreover, in Chicago, its telehealth addiction treatment is regarded as the best. 

Taking a look at the global unprecedented hit by the covid-19 pandemic, further gives credence to the need to find virtual solutions to a lot of physical activities. 

The pandemic has resulted in people being administered psychiatric and medical health Services virtually.  And has significantly reduced the physical contact of doctors and patients.  And has significantly reduced the visits to hospitals and clinics. 

So far, this virtual alternative has proven to be of utmost efficiency. Its main focus for us now is to ensure that people realize the comfort, economic benefit and personalization that the virtual form of treatment offers them. Especially when it has to do with mental and physical health, alongside behavioral issues.

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Remote Iop Treatment Illinois

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Remote Iop Treatment Illinois

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