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We are Condor Life Services, and we are in Orlando, providing the best telehealth addiction treatment. We offer outpatient and intensive outpatient therapy. The edge we have with our own services is that they are all administered online. 

Do you have doubts about the efficiency of virtual rehabilitation programs? Or do you have questions? Do not worry. This article was prepared to clear your doubts and answer the questions you may likely have. 

Is Virtual Therapy As Effective As Traditional Therapy?

There is only one significant difference when it comes to online therapy and traditional (in-person) therapy. And this is the mode of communication. Just as the name implies, virtual therapy takes place online, while its counterpart – in-person therapy is administered in the therapist’s facility. 

Furthermore, studies have proven that no significant difference lies in the fulfilment derived from online and traditional therapy. This denotes that virtual addiction treatment can be as potent as traditional therapy. 

Just like regular traditional therapy, the frequency at which we attend sessions equates to the possibility of a better outcome. So it is not really about the means of receiving treatment, it is more about what the treatment means to you, and how seriously you take it.

What Are The Advantages and Benefits of Online Addiction Treatment Services?

It is important to show statistics sometimes. Research shows that up to 12% of addicts fail to seek help. And this reason is due to accessibility. The most commendable edge of virtual addiction treatment is the accessibility of the service. Regardless of where you are, you can reach out to your therapist and also make use of unlimited materials available for your care online. And all these can happen irrespective of the time.

Studies have further shown that people trying to treat addiction, would most likely adhere to online treatments. This is due to the accessibility, liberty and anonymity it affords them. 

How Much Does Online Therapy Cost?

In different spheres of life, a reason that makes people think twice before patronizing something is the price of the thing. When it comes to rehabilitation also, the cost of enrollment in physical rehabilitation facilities can be on the high side most times. But virtual therapy helps cushion that aspect of rehabilitation. Because it costs way less compared to traditional addiction treatment. 

Also, the cheap rate of online therapy also depends on the mode of communication. So be sure to ask which it will be. It could be unlimited chats, in-person online meetings, and live video chats. 

What Type of Treatment Programs are Available?

An array of services are available for patients when it comes to outpatient treatment programs. Such programs include aftercare, family support, stabilization programs, intensive outpatient programs, outside support, addiction recovery programs for businesses, and online addiction treatment services. Any program you subscribe to will be subject to the kind of addiction you are looking to treat and the intensity of the care you will require. 

Outpatient Programs have a great track record of aiding recovery, especially with chronic addiction cases. 

Looking To Enrol For Outpatient or IOP?

Are you in search of an online telehealth drug rehab facility in Florida? Does your loved one need a Miami telehealth rehab? Do you have outpatient and IOP questions? We at Condor Life are the best drug rehab in Miami, FL. So for any of your addiction telemedicine needs in Miami, contact us by phone or online:

Remote Substance Abuse Counseling Florida

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Remote Substance Abuse Counseling Florida

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