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In times past, doctors and therapists treated substance abuse at conventional hospitals. Though the therapy from traditional hospitals is beneficial, it could interfere with everyday life.

The last thing a person undergoing treatment for substance abuse needs is interference to their day-to-day activities.

It is not easy to commit to a physical treatment program because these programs are time-consuming and usually interfere with the daily activities; these sessions could demand up to five sessions in a week from the client. 

Condor Life Services

The Saturn Partners, a security and compliance audit firm, was founded by Crawford in 2001. The firm helps hospitals and clinics deal with issues of efficiency, privacy, and confidentiality.

Crawford, during her time at The Saturn Partners, made it a point of duty to help people going through rough times, loss, grief, abuse, and other personal challenges. While with The Saturn Partners, Crawford realized that online-based counseling is more convenient and flexible. Crawford developed Condor life services to virtually help people struggling with substance abuse.

Due to the pandemic and its effects on the global world, remote substance abuse treatment is now the in-thing. Treatment for medical and psychiatric care through telehealth appointments is now highly rated than physical visits to doctors, clinics, and hospitals. Telehealth and remote substance abuse is helpful, accessible, and personalized. It is a program that can address mental, psychological, physical health, and behavioral challenges.

Our Telehealth Therapists

A telehealth therapist gives counseling services and mental health support to clients over the telephone or through chat or video chats. The duties of telehealth therapists vary according to the type of therapy provided. 

Our telehealth therapists are licensed professionals who ensure that clients feel safe, secure, and comfortable talking to them. Some of the responsibilities of our telehealth therapists include:

Diagnoses mental health disorders

Our telehealth therapists help in finding out the problem by evaluating the mental health of a client. After a series of questioning and interactive sessions with the client, the telehealth therapist achieves cognitive evaluation. After the assessment and diagnosis, the telehealth therapists proceed with treatment.

Creates individualized treatment plans 

Every patient is different; as such, their needs differ depending on individuality, the substance abused, stage of abuse, and willingness to commit to therapy. Our telehealth therapists create treatment plans depending on the needs and circumstances of the client.

Meets with patients regularly 

Our licensed telehealth therapists make it a point of duty to meet patients regularly, never missing a session, and they also change treatment plans and methods for each client when necessary.

Conducts ongoing assessments of patient progress

Assessment and evaluation is necessary to be able to monitor the progress of a particular treatment method. Our telehealth therapists conducts assessments to determine if a particular treatment method is working or if it needs to be changed.

Substance abuse is no news as several people all over the United States and the world at large are suffering from it. However, it is not a death sentence neither does it have to dictate the way your life should go.

It is important to get treatment for substance abuse. However, we understand the stigmatization that comes with substance abuse and we know that it might be uneasy for you to walk into any substance treatment center. Fret no more because Condor Life Services is here for you.

We are an online treatment center ready to help you with any form of addiction treatment.

We are just a click away.

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Remote Substance Abuse Counseling Illinois

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Remote Substance Abuse Counseling Illinois

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