Frequently Asked Questions about Privacy

Taking the giant proactive step towards recovery using the latest technology is one of the best decisions you can make for yourself. Nevertheless, it’s natural to have concerns over your privacy. While telehealth addiction treatment services are secure, this can be hard to imagine in a digital, internet-dominated world where privacy seems to be null and void.

This is NOT the case at Condor Life Services.

Below are some answers to the typical questions we receive about privacy standards and our treatment programs. Don’t see your question here?  Contact us at (833) 955-5888 or email us here and let us know your concern. Your feelings of security, privacy and safety are our TOP PRIORITY.

Do I use my real name in Group Treatment/IOP sessions?

You do not have to use your real name. Frequently, clients use a nickname and sometimes even initials. You can also use just your first name without your last name.

How can I be sure that I won’t know other members in my group treatment sessions?

Our clients are from all over the United States – and possibly from outside the U.S.! Still, we use the convenience of technology to make sure we don’t schedule clients who live near each other at the same times. This significantly cuts down on the chance of you knowing someone in your group.

I am concerned that someone might see my video sessions. How do you protect me from this?

Condor Life Services uses state-of-the-art security measures when it comes to securing the content of our video conferencing system. The 256-bit advanced encryption standard (“AES”) is used as the standard for data encryption.

Even if your video sessions were to be intercepted, they could not be seen or heard because of the encryption. These videos would be useless to the cyber attacker. Furthermore, our links provided for each session are only used ONCE. Our system places them on your calendar, which is also password protected and encrypted.

Am I allowed to have others in the room during my sessions?

As a client of Condor Life Services, you are tasked with keeping confidential about anything you see or hear while in our groups. Just as your personal privacy is important, so is the privacy of other members. Before starting our addiction treatment program, you will be required to sign confidentiality documents.

We also expect our clients to place their computers in a safe, secure room in the home. This is important for privacy, as well as minimizing distractions. There are exceptions to every rule, however. For example, if there is therapeutic value in having a family member participate, it’s possible that your Condor Life Services clinician will grant you special permission.

Can I be seen by anyone else during the group sessions?

During your sessions, only other members of the group and your group clinician can see you. In our experience, people need to see each other to develop friendships and build strong bonds. If you can’t see your co-members, these positive relationships will not happen. Also, your clinician needs to see you to ensure your health, safety and progress in our program.

You can access your sessions on a tablet, cell phone, laptop or computer terminal, but you cannot be travelling in a car or driving/in transit during any part of your session. We do this to protect you and other group members from being overheard during sessions by background listeners or viewers.

Is Condor Life Services HIPAA compliant?

Condor Life Services is proud to perform at the highest standards when it comes to protecting clients’ personal health information. All client health information is stored and transmitted and encrypted by the same high security 256-Bit AES, with all links being used just once, as mentioned above.

What types of health insurance do you accept?

Condor accepts most private pay insurance companies. We also accept Tri-Care in order to support our valued men and women in uniform and their families. Please contact us for a full list of providers.

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