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Picking out a community for senior living in Des Moines for yourself or a loved one might start to feel overwhelming. There are many options for long-term care, so it might be hard to determine what best suits your needs. Doing a bit of research is the right way to start, and you will want to arm yourself with a decent list of questions to ask any retirement communities care in Des Moines you are interested in.

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When you start asking questions about the best retirement living facilities in West Des Moines, the first thing to ask about is the type of care your or your loved one needs. The options for senior living in Des Moines will break down into three levels: 

  • Skilled Nursing – this is an option for people that are not able to care for themselves. Skilled nursing gives 24-hour assistance with help from a nursing assistant or nurse. Residents will have separate rooms, or there could be a roommate.
  • Assisted Living is intended for people who require assistance with daily living activities like dressing, cooking, bathing, taking medications, and more. Residents will often live in private apartments or rooms, meals are provided, and staff will check on them daily.
  • Independent Living – this is best for residents who can care for themselves, yet they need the convenience of handling cleaning, cooking, and other chores. Residents will usually live in private condos or apartments, usually without someone to check on there or provide nursing assistance. 

When looking into Des Moines assisted living centers, it is important to inquire about the quality of care and safety. There are many regulations and rules that retirement facilities and assisted living centers in Des Moines must follow. Any good facility will be happy to go over what makes them the best, including any accreditation and certifications they have. 


Another important factor when selecting Des Moines assisted living centers is location. You may want to ensure you have a facility close to loved ones or the need for staying in a certain area close to doctors and other familiar places. The location of the facility will often dictate how it operates based on the local laws. 


Senior living in Des Moines will vary from one to the next in terms of the size of the facility and the number of beds. The size of a facility will also impact the general atmosphere, so you need to think about the number of residents, the size of the overall campus, and how much staff is on hand at all times. 

Here at Cedar Ridge Village, your trust in our team is our honor. When it comes to choosing a senior living home, trust is a vital part of the process. If you would like to know more about our assisted living centers in Des Moines, we always have someone to address your questions or concerns. Contact Cedar Ridge Village to explore our assisted living options by calling (515) 369-2100, and a member of our team will be happy to go over all of the details with you.

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