Our clinicians take each client’s unique circumstances into consideration In Order to Design the Best Addiction Treatment Program

Some of the factors we look at are your level of severity, the presence of a mental health disorder and past treatment. We also consider your home life and the types of triggers you’re likely to face.

As with other medical treatments, there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to treating a substance abuse disorder. Most clients start a program at the most intensive level, but the clinician can recommend another level of treatment if need be. For example, if you relapse after completing an inpatient program, you may be able to move directly into an outpatient program rather than starting with intensive care.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Online Therapy As Effective As Traditional Therapy?

The main difference between online therapy and in-person therapy is the mode of communication. As the name suggests, online therapy happens online, and in-person therapy is done in your therapist’s office. Research shows there is no difference in patient satisfaction in traditional and online therapy. This means that online addiction treatment servicescan be just as effective as in-person therapy, and like conventional therapy, the more sessions you go, the better the outcome.

What Are The Advantages and Benefits of Online Addiction Treatment Services?

Did you know that about 10-12% of addicts do not seek help? Perhaps the most notable advantage of online addiction treatment serviceis accessibility. You can reach out to your online therapist at anytime from anywhere. There are various online self-help tools and educational materials to help you through cravings and other triggering situations. Research has shown that addicts are more likely to stick with online addiction treatment. It also doesn’t disrupt your life by physically planning to go to rehab.

How Much Does Online Therapy Cost?

One of the main reasons why some addicts don’t seek treatment is the cost of rehab. Online therapy often costs less than traditional in person addiction treatment. While online treatment might be a cheaper option, it depends on the company and mode of communication you choose. There are unlimited chats, live video chats, and in-person online meetings. Most insurance companies do not cover or reimburse online addiction treatment services, but make sure to ask your insurance provider first to check if you’re covered.

Can Online Therapy Sessions Work Effectively for Couples Too?

About 34 percent of couples have reported increased conflict during the pandemic. Coupes who were already in therapy before the pandemic are opting for virtual therapy to stay safe during this time. Research has shown that online medical treatment, including online addiction treatment services, can be just as effective as in-person therapy. However, for couples where physical abuse is an issue, it is best to go for traditional therapy.

What Type of Treatment Programs are Available?

Outpatient treatment programs provide a variety of services for their patients. These include; family support, aftercare, intensive outpatient programs, stabilization programs, outside support, addiction recovery programs for businesses, and online addiction treatment services. The kind of treatment you pick will depend on the severity of the problem and the level of care needed by the patient. You can trust outpatient treatment programs because they also deal with critical issues affecting addicts.

Does Insurance Cover Online Therapy? How Do You Pay For It?

Many insurance companies tend to be skeptical when it comes to online addiction treatment services, though perceptions are beginning to change in the wake of the pandemic. At Condor Life Services, we are aware of these challenges, and that’s why we have partnered with several insurance providers. We accept most PPO insurance coverage for our online therapy sessions. Once you get in touch with our intake physicians, they’ll guide you on the payment method.

Can I Pick the Therapist I Want?

At Condor Life Services, we believe your comfort comes first. Therefore, during your first interaction with our intake clinician, you’ll fill out a form that helps us understand your situation. With this information, we will assign you an individual and group therapist. However, we know some online addiction treatment services might not work for you. We’re always willing to listen and adjust your treatment plan to help you get in touch with the right therapist for you.

Is Online Therapy Confidential and Secure?

The online addiction treatment services you receive at Condor Life Services are 100% confidential and secure. We abide by federal confidentiality laws and regulations to ensure your information is secure. Our IT specialists have set up a secure client portal, which you can access from your device without being compromised. Your identity is also protected. You only interact with a few of our patients during the group sessions, which are also confidential.

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