Family Support Treatment

Online Counseling for Family Members Living with an Addicted Loved One

Through continued participation, you’ll learn how to avoid harmful behaviors (enabling, codependency) while developing healthy solutions and coping strategies.

Is someone in your family struggling with addiction issues? Condor Life Services offers a convenient, family friendly service to help with this. Addiction is a family issue and we want the loved ones of addicts to have a place to go for solutions, support and respite. Just as Al-Anon was developed to support the family members of alcoholics, Condor Life Services is molded on a similar premise: The destruction that addiction brings to the addict has the same effect on the family unit.

Family-Focused Treatment Options

Condor Life Services is committed to offering flexible, personalized treatment formats based on your needs and family dynamics. Because addiction is a family disease, there is the option to include family members in your recovery journey. Specifically, CLS offers a family-centric program once a week for six weeks. We can tailor this program to suit your needs and schedule based on your circumstances and budget. The only requirement is that your family members must be willing to learn and develop healthy ways to support your recovery.

Condor Life Services accepts most types of private insurance, and we are happy to set up payment options for those without insurance.

Family Therapy

At Condor Life Services, we can set up live video conferences with you and your primary counselor for family members to attend, depending on your situation. The decision is up to YOU, the CLIENT, to decide if you wish to do this. One important point to stress is that addiction is a disease that won’t just disappear after treatment. It is up to you to work your addiction treatment program and build a life of sobriety.

Luckily, our program sets you up for success. Family therapy is a critical part of the healing process, and these optional sessions allow us to address many topics, as well as provide education to the family. It’s important that they are aware of the vulnerabilities and dangers that lie within recovery.

And, if you have changing family issues at hand or are going through a traumatic experience like divorce or the loss of a loved one, this can sabotage even the most well-intentioned steps toward recovery. This is why we educate families on the warning signs of relapse. By intervening early on, your family can stop you from derailment.

Family Therapy - Condor Life Services

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