Treatment Plan For Businesses

Helping Businesses Cope With & Restore The Productivity of Valuable Team Members Struggling with Addiction

This addiction recovery program is entirely customizable in scope. It bridges the gap between employers and employees, allowing workers to get the help they need to keep their jobs and create a safer workplace for everyone.

There are enough distractions in the workplace these days, which robs employers of valuable productive time. When you throw substance abuse into the mix, productivity is further stalled. The long-term costs of this can permanently cripple a business if left unchecked. Fortunately, employers have more tools available to them than ever before.

Condor Life Services is dedicated to assisting employers with the restoration of productive workforces, less turnover, less downtime and fewer incidents. When employees receive the proper care, they can recover from their addiction and evolve into the responsible employees they need to be.

Substance Abuse Treatment for Working Professionals

The majority of clients at Condor Life Services are employed and continue to work during treatment. Not only is our program accommodating, but also working professionals are more willing to participate when they know they’ll be with others like them. In fact, many of our clients tell us that if there wasn’t a telehealth option available, they would not seek treatment.

Companies like MDLive offer good care for problems at a very low level. For anything more than the basics, a more intensive program like ours is necessary. We are happy to offer businesses affordable addiction treatment solutions to help their employees achieve and maintain sobriety. You can refer employees to our services or include them in an Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Here are some benefits to offering outpatient treatment to your employees:

  • Reduce injuries and accidents on the job
  • Lower worker’s compensation claims and disability claims
  • Create a safer, more productive workplace
  • Avoid an increase in health insurance premiums
  • Keep employees at work and engaged
  • Retain good employees
  • Ensure adequate treatment that people are likely to follow through with
  • Avoid legal sanctions (you can’t just fire someone because they have an addiction)

Build a Personalized Treatment Plan for Your Employees

Any employer who has dealt firsthand with an employee suffering from substance abuse knows what’s at stake. Before the employee hurts themselves, hurts someone else or tarnishes your reputation, it’s important to address drug and alcohol issues in the workplace.

With the same payment plans offered with our other programs, there is every reason for employers to contact Condor Life Services today. We can structure a addiction recovery program to fit YOUR business and YOUR employee battling addiction while minimizing disruptions to everyday operations.

Furthermore, CLS plans to work closely with Human Resource departments to provide high quality, accessible substance abuse treatment for employees struggling with addiction. HR departments can refer employees to our services or include them in an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). By adding CLS to a preferred list of telemental health providers, employees can get the prompt help they need to be safe, productive workers, while employers can reduce downtime, save money and preserve their reputation.

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