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Intensive Outpatient Treatment is Our Most Inclusive Program. So, What is an IOP in Simple Terms?

Intensive outpatient treatment is the highest level of outpatient care for substance use disorders. Some people start with an IOP while others move to this lower level of care after completing an inpatient program.

Inpatient treatment programs are recommended for severe addictions, particularly those where the person can’t control their use, are suicidal or have untreated mental illness. This type of intensive care is offered in a hospital, clinic or treatment setting, providing 24-hour support and monitoring to ensure the health and safety of the individual.

Condor Life Services’ IOP is one of the most flexible programs you can participate in. Our intensive, online counseling sessions can be tailored to fit the busiest schedules. For example, if you travel on business or spend 40+ hours a week in an office, our model eliminates the need to plan for time away from work. In other words, you don’t need to come to us for treatment. We bring it to you!

Furthermore, if the ability to drive or obtain transportation is a concern for you, this won’t affect your ability to receive quality treatment. This is a very real problem for some individuals, especially those who live in rural areas or have lost their license due to DUIs.

IOPs are a Practical Solution for Working Professionals

There is a common misconception that addicts are unemployed, homeless people living on the street. In reality, most people with substance abuse are employed. Sadly, these high-functioning people often don’t get the care they need because they don’t want to lose their jobs or carry a stigma. However, it’s only a matter of time before the addiction catches up to them.

Thankfully, an IOP is a great solution for working professionals. They can participate in this program while maintaining much of their normal schedule. And, because all clients receive an individual assessment at the start of our program, our clinicians can determine if additional services are needed such as psychiatric care, medical care, case management and housing services.

Features of the IOP Program/ 120 Days Timeframe (Can be Extended to Open Ended For Client’s own Pace If Desired on Monthly Basis)

  • Individualized treatment plans
  • 3-hour group sessions each week
  • One 1-hour individual session each week with the client’s Primary Clinician
  • Four written tracks (administered by the Primary Clinician) to review and address addiction issues
  • 40 hours total per month of online treatment

In 1997, the American Society of Addiction Medicine recommended guidelines for treatment. At the minimum level, the following elements should be present for a proper treatment program for SAD:

  • A treatment plan needs to be developed
  • The program or treatment clinician is responsible for delivering treatment and should allow for referrals when necessary
  • A complete evaluation is required to isolate the severity of the illness (and the stage it’s at) so that screening can be done for any mental or medical disorders
  • Professionals in charge of counseling in this arena must be in charge of the treatment (Note:  Condor Life Services maintains a lineup of experienced and credentialed clinicians who are equipped to manage any of our treatment programs)
  • Treatment professionals must stay in contact with the client until all aspects of recovery are obtained

What Happens in Our IOP Program

From a mental health and psychological standpoint, our group setting addresses many important topics such as unresolved trauma, self-medication and low self-esteem. We expect each counseling session to be constructive to your recovery. Your fellow members and clinician will provide you with the support you need in a compassionate, non-judgemental group setting. Some of the topics we’ll cover include:

  • The physical aspects of addiction and the recovery process
  • The damaging effects of drugs and alcohol on the brain and body
  • What to expect during the withdrawal and recovery process
  • The importance of self-monitoring and goal setting during recovery

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do in IOP?

Most people think that addicts are unemployed, but the truth is any person can face this problem. If you are among these people, consider getting IOP treatment. An IOP program provides intense care for patients, but they don’t have to live in the facility. The program is better for people with minor to severe addiction issues or minormental issues.

Several things are conducted in an intensive outpatient program. Some of them include:

  • Counseling
  • Vocational training
  • Medication Management
  • Introduction to Support Groups
  • Case Management
  • Psychiatric Screening

If you are battling a mental issueor addiction and need essential support, don’t fret! Consider getting an Intensive Outpatient Program to help speed up your recovery journey.

What Level of Care is IOP?

Every person has different needs during treatment, but care is the most important thing to enhance recovery. According to health protocols, there are different types of care ranging from level 0.5 to 5. In this case, the intensive outpatient program falls under level two in the continuum care.
This level is suitable for patients with complex needs. Furthermore, if the patient decides to quit group sessions, he or she will continue to get after-care from health professionals to assist in full recovery.

How long is the Intensive Outpatient Program?

This is a program suited for substance use disorder. Intensive outpatient programs aim to provide holistic support to speed up patient’s recovery. Being one of the most flexible programs, it goes up to 120 days, but it mainly depends on the patient. Some patients require more sessions while others need less. During this time, the patient recovery time entails:

  • A treatment and recovery plan.
  • Group session going up to three hours.
  • One hour individual session each day.
  • Written tracks to check on addiction-related issues.
  • Forty hours online treatment within a month.

The duration is formulated to help the patient get better without interfering with his or her schedule.

What Happens After IOP?

IOP is a very crucial program that aims to assist people who need more care. But after the program, many are stuck on what to do next. The best part about an intensive outpatient program is the aftercare given to patients to enrich their sobriety. Moreover, it helps patients to get used to living on their own.

While a patient may feel free of obstacles after an intensive outpatient program, most of them require additional support to help them transition into the free world.

Who can apply for the Intensive Outpatient Program?

An intensive outpatient program is a great way of helping people with mental and substance abuse issues. But just like any other addiction treatment, an intensive outpatient program has specific requirements to confirm eligibility. To be eligible for an IOP, some guidelinesshould be met:

  • People with severe addictions
  • Untreated mental illness
  • One has to attend groups
  • Conduct homework either individual or group
  • Comply with treatment

After meeting the requirements, the IOP professionals will teach you to maximize your time during the program.

How Much Does it Cost and Does Health Insurance Cover It?

When a person realizes that they need help, the first thing that comes to mind is seeking treatment. But what about the cost? Intensive outpatient program costs around $250 to $350 a day. While this might seem a lot for a regular patient, the services offered are worth it. If you are having difficulties in providing all the cash, you don’t have to worry.

This program provides insurance to help cover for those who are having difficulties in paying for the treatment. Check with your insurance to find out if you’re covered, how much of the cost they cover, and which treatments are included.

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