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Condor Life Services offers a standard outpatient program (OP) that is a step down in intensity from our intensive outpatient treatment program (IOP).

The benefit to this type of program is that it’s flexible and accommodating. It fits into busy personal or professional schedules, allowing you to work, attend school and spend time with your family.

While we address the same critical issues here as we do in an IOP, a traditional outpatient program acts as a continuum. To be successful, you will need to have made progress during IOP and online addiction counseling. These varying levels of care prepare you for the eventual release into aftercare.

What Our Outpatient Program Entails

Our standard outpatient program offers a 20-hours-per-month option. This is cut in half from the 40-hours-per-month option in IOP. We’ll continue working on the same critical issues that you talked about in IOP such as managing cravings, developing healthy ways to cope and processing past trauma.

Fortunately, outpatient treatment is flexible and easy to work into a busy schedule. Therefore, you can start building your new life while working your recovery program. For instance, you might want to work part-time or volunteer your time at a local charity.

Here is What You Can Expect During Your Time in Outpatient Treatment:

  • Two 2-hour group sessions each week
  • One 1-hour individual session each week

To help cover the costs of treatment, Condor Life Services accepts most types of health insurance, financing and private pay options. Other programs are available as well to help reduce out-of-pocket expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Outpatient Enough?

Outpatient treatment is for patients who want flexibility. It allows you to continue living at home while you receive treatment for your addiction. We believe this can work if you are not heavily dependent on your addiction or if you’re transitioning from any sort of inpatient treatments. Outpatient treatment is enough if the risk of a relapse is lower. At Condor Life Services, we run an outpatient program (OP) that focuses on professionals and people with busy schedules.

Who Goes To Outpatient Recovery?

Outpatient treatment is for people who can’t commit to inpatient treatment. At Condor Life Services, we understand that people have to work, attend school, or be with family at the end of the day. Therefore, we have an inclusive outpatient program (OP) that caters to:

  • People in the early stages of addiction
  • Those transitioning from inpatient care
  • Patients who don’t need medical detox

You can choose between our regular outpatient program (OP) and intensive outpatient treatment program(IOP).

What Types Of Outpatient Programs Are Available?

At Condor Life Services, you can choose between two outpatient programs.

  • An intensive outpatient treatment program (IOP) involves hours of intense therapy and group sessions to help cope with your addiction and traumas. We offer 40 hours of intense IOP per month for every patient.
  • The standard outpatient program (OP) focuses on the same issues as IOP, but it is less intense. Our OP patients commit to 20 hours per month.

During both sessions, we’ll take you through group and individual therapy.

Do Outpatient Addiction Treatment Programs Have Higher Relapse
Rates Than Inpatient?

When it comes to success rates, we pride ourselves on having similar outcomes for all programs. From the second you step into our doors, you will receive guidance from qualified physicians. You will fill out forms and answer in-depth questions that will help us place you in the right program. Our outpatient program (OP) only caters to patients who don’t have severe addictions. Our intensive outpatient treatment program often produces the same results as inpatient care.

What Is The Cost For Outpatient Care; Will My Insurance Policy Cover
An Outpatient Program?

Outpatient treatment can be expensive, and many patients prefer to use their insurance coverage if possible. You’ll be pleased to learn that we accept a broad range of insurance at Condor Life Services. Our outpatient program (OP) aims to help you minimize your out-of-pocket expenses as much as possible. However, you need to do enough research and ensure that your insurance provider and plan covers addiction treatment.

How Many Days Weekly Do Outpatient Programs Require?

Outpatient programs vary depending on the type of treatment needed. Sessions differ in intensity from once per week to several hours per session five days a week. The most common types of treatment in an outpatient program are online individual and group therapy sessions.

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