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Sober Living California

Fairview Supportive Living offers the most luxurious and comfortable sober living in California. Get rid of addiction at a safe, secure, and serene environment along with our 24/7 on-site trained staff team.

The life in a sober house

A sober living home is a temporary living arrangement that you can make use of until you are 100% prepared to overcome triggers. It offers you the time to adjust and adapt to the real world after spending a certain amount of time in a treatment facility.

When you live at a sober living home, you may share the house with several others allowing you to achieve your recovery goals in the love and support of fellow recovering addicts. It is less regimented than an inpatient rehab program, but still has rules to help you develop healthy habits, a routine, and a structured lifestyle.

Tips for choosing a sober living home

To find the best sober living home, ask for recommendations at your rehab center, friends at support groups, or a treatment specialist. Besides, be sure to find a home that is close to your support group meetings, continuing care programs at the rehab center, and other therapy session locations.

Talk to people currently living in a sober home or who have lived in one before for their insights. Choose an accredited or licensed sober living home as such places usually have a better structure and offer a higher standard of care to its residents. We run the most luxurious, stylish, and comfortable sober living in California.

Ways to maintain sobriety

After all the hard work during the rehab, you may want to take extra measures after the treatment to maintain your newly attained sobriety. Some of the ways to remain sober include:

  1. Enroll to stay at a sober living home – One of the biggest problems faced by recovering addicts is the culture shock that they experience when leaving an inpatient facility after the treatment. Staying a sober living home for at least 9 – 12 months after treatment can help you adapt gradually to the external environment. It is also a great approach to maintain sobriety in the long term.
  2. Develop a routine – Building a routine makes sure that you don’t have the time to experience negative emotions or thoughts. Indulge in physical exercise regularly in the form of working out, swimming, cycling, running, etc. Building a healthy routine is the best way to break a bad habit and overcome triggers.
  3. Attend support groups regularly – Make sure to attend support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, or 12 Step Programs regularly. These meetings can help you remain focused on recovery and allows you to share your challenges and milestones with fellow recovering addicts.

Call or visit Fairview Supportive Living today for more information on our sober living in California. Our sober living homes also include free transportation to doctor’s appointments, continuing care programs, therapies, and lawyer’s offices.

Sober Living California