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There are many rehab clinics operating in the state of Illinois, some of which offer expert-level patient and outpatient care. Unfortunately, even these nationally-renowned clinics fall down when it comes to providing telehealth addiction treatment in Illinois. Luckily, we at Condor Living Services are here to meet the demand for remote outpatient rehab.

Our expert team is highly trained in utilizing telemedicine in addiction treatment in Illinois. But what exactly is telemedicine? What advantages does it hold over more traditional methods of rehabilitation? Most importantly, are the telemedicine treatments we offer at Condor Living Services right for you? Check out the article below and you’ll find the answers!

Here is everything you need to know about mental health and substance abuse telehealth in IL.

What Is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is medical advice and treatment that takes place over the phone, computer, or other non-face-to-face forms of communication. In the past, telehealth addiction treatment primarily took place over the phone. Today, however, it is increasingly performed via email and text message. At Condor Living Services, we facilitate each of these forms of telemedicine, along with a number of additional methods of remote outpatient rehab. As such, all patients are able to avail of our telehealth services, even if they don’t have access to certain pieces of equipment used in more traditional methods of telemedicine administration.

What Are The Benefits Of Telemedicine?

There are many reasons one may choose to pursue telemedicine over inpatient treatment or face-to-face outpatient care. First and foremost, telemedicine allows for more timely communication between the patient and their addiction specialist. If you are experiencing a crisis and need immediate counseling, telehealth ensures you receive it. Additionally, telehealth addiction treatment in Illinois grants patients the freedom to work and travel while still completing their rehabilitation courses. Recently, telemedicine has become more beneficial than ever before, as a result of the ongoing global pandemic. With our telehealth packages, those battling substance abuse issues can continue their treatment even if they are unable to visit our clinic in person.

Why Choose Condor Living Services?

So why should you choose Condor Living Services for online addiction treatment in Illinois? There are countless reasons, such as the wide variety of addictions we treat. While some clinics are only in a position to offer certain programs remotely, we make our full range of treatment packages available to those pursuing telehealth treatment. Whether you are battling an addiction to alcohol, class A drugs, or even prescription painkillers, we have a telehealth course that can help you overcome it. Along with the widest range of remote addiction treatments of any Illinois-based rehabilitation clinic, our clinic has the most experienced staff. Our veteran addiction specialists have helped countless Illinois residents achieve lasting sobriety. By utilizing their unsurpassed expertise, along with the latest advancements in rehabilitation technology, the Condor Living Services can do the same for you.

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Telehealth Addiction Treatment Illinois

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Telehealth Addiction Treatment Illinois

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