Telehealth Addiction Treatment Illinois

It’s not easy living with a drug or alcohol problem, but help is available and more accessible than ever before.

Condor Life Services is a telehealth addiction recovery program in Illinois that works with people with substance use disorders. Whether you’ve been abusing drugs or alcohol for many years or find yourself struggling with a recent dependency, we can help.

Our Illinois telehealth drug rehab is a great fit for people who don’t need detox or around-the-clock supervision. If you’ve gone through detox or have a mild addiction, our program can start you on the path to a full recovery. Contact our intake clinicians to learn more about our program and when you can start.

Why Use Telehealth Addiction Treatment Program in Illinois

Condor Life Services offers the most private and convenient way to access addiction treatment services. Rather than having to travel back and forth to counseling multiple days a week, you can attend your sessions from the comfort of home. No one has to know! There are no long absences, no sneaking away from the office and no local in-person meetings.

Additionally, our Illinois telehealth program can accommodate your schedule. Let us know if you plan on working or going to school and we can schedule your sessions around these obligations. This is a great alternative to having to take time off to seek treatment from a hospital or outpatient facility.

Another great benefit to receiving care from our online drug rehab is that you get to apply what you’re learning right away. As you transition to your normal routine and venture outside of your comfort zone, you’ll have the support of your peers and clinicians. We find that this gives our clients the confidence and reassurance they need to start living their lives.

Is Illinois Telehealth Drug Rehab Effective?

Absolutely! In fact, telehealth rehabilitation services can be even more effective at times because people are more willing to participate. They’re not rushing to get to their meetings or worrying about who might see them walking into a treatment facility. They can focus 100 percent on their recovery without outside distractions.

Our program is highly confidential as well. Some people use their first names only, while others use their initials. We have seen many people be willing to open up and participate because they are able to maintain their anonymity. At the same time, our group counseling sessions are highly engaging and encourage plenty of interaction among members.

How Can I Start Your Online Drug Rehab?

If you’re interested in learning more about our telehealth addiction recovery program in Illinois, contact Condor Life Services today by phone, email or online form. You will be connected to our caring, compassionate intake clinicians who will determine the best level of care for you.

Condor Life Services offers both an intensive outpatient program (IOP) and a standard outpatient program (OP). Our IOP requires a minimum of 40 hours a month, while our OP requires at least 20 hours a month. Once you receive your individualized treatment plan, you can start treatment right away. All you need is a laptop or tablet, high-speed internet connection and Zoom.

Ready to start living your best life? Get in touch with Condor Life Services today to discuss your options for telehealth addiction treatment in Illinois.

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