Telehealth Addiction Treatment Wisconsin

Thanks to advances in technology, telehealth services are becoming more common and effective methods of mental health treatment.

This has benefitted the addiction treatment community because people in recovery can access high quality treatment from the comfort of home.

Condor Life Services is a telehealth addiction recovery program in Wisconsin that treats people with drug or alcohol addiction. We tailor our services to each client to ensure their specific needs are met. To learn more about our telehealth services, contact our team today.

How Does Your Wisconsin Telehealth Drug Rehab Work?

If you are struggling with a substance use disorder, you’re probably wondering what options you have for treatment. Most people assume their only choices are inpatient or outpatient treatment, but this isn’t true. There are other options as well.

While traditional inpatient or outpatient treatment is effective, the drawback is that you have to be physically present to receive care. With Condor Life Services, all treatment programs are delivered in an online format. This way, you can receive specialized care without having to disrupt your daily routine.

To help you prepare, here is how our telehealth addiction recovery program in Wisconsin works:

  • Get in touch with our team. You can do this by phone, email or contact form. This is the first step in changing your life!
  • Speak with our intake clinicians. They will determine the proper level of care for your needs. You can also discuss your schedule at this time – we understand that many people utilizing our services are employed full time.
  • Start the recovery process. You’ll receive an individualized treatment plan that includes group and individual therapy. The number of hours spent in therapy depends on how severe your addiction is and if you’ve received some treatment.

Benefits of Our Telehealth Addiction Treatment in Wisconsin

Recovery is a long journey that doesn’t end with a single treatment program. This is why it’s in your best interests to choose a program that will help you transition to a normal routine while providing you with structure and support. With this approach, you can inch your way into the real world while having something to fall back on.

Advantages to choosing our Wisconsin telehealth drug rehab are:

  • Stay close to your support network. Your support system can help you stay sober and live life to the fullest. Telehealth rehab keeps these connections close for improved outcomes.
  • Continue working. Don’t want to take time off from your job? Telehealth drug rehab lets you work and earn an income so you don’t lose pay or benefits.
  • Ensure privacy. Don’t worry about having to explain your sudden absence. You only have to share your journey with those you’re comfortable with. However, we do encourage you to speak to HR.
  • Save money. Our services are cheaper than most inpatient programs because you’re not living at our facility. We also accept most major insurance plans.

Whether you need additional treatment to supplement a previous program, or you are just starting your journey to sobriety, Condor Life Services has a program for you. Contact us today to learn more about our telehealth addiction treatment in Wisconsin and how to start working toward your recovery.

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