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Small substance abuse counseling is the medical treatment and intervention administered to patients struggling with substance abuse. Still, it does not have the time, luxury, or money to visit a conventional hospital, rehabilitation center, or clinic. The administration of remote substance abuse is by telehealth therapists, who interact with patients through email, SMS, chats, and video conferencing systems. 

There are several remote substance abuse counseling. However, intensive outpatient treatment is a very inclusive Program.

Intensive outpatient treatment is the highest degree of outpatient care for substance abuse

At Condor Life Services, we understand that our clients have regular lives and might not visit any treatment center because of their busy schedules. Our IOP programs allow you to get treatment from the comfort of your homes, school, and offices. Online counseling sessions that are adjusted to fit your busy schedules and lifestyles. We bring therapy to you!

IOPs are a Practical Solution for Working Professionals

It is a total misconception that addicts are unemployed, homeless people living on the street with nowhere to go. The reality is that a lot of people who are gainfully employed are struggling with abuse disorder. It is sad to know that these groups often don’t get the care for fear of losing their jobs; they also get scared and worried because of the stigma involved in substance abuse and visits to a rehabilitation center. Because they refuse to get the help needed, their addiction catches on, and they become shadows of their former selves.

Fortunately, an IOP is an excellent option for working professionals who need help with substance abuse. The IOP program affords them the luxury of treatment as well as maintaining their regular life and schedule.

After the IOP, our therapists can assess and determine if an individual would require additional medical care, psychiatric care, or case management.

What Happens in Our IOP Program?

Our IOP program addresses mental and psychological challenges like low self-esteem, PTSD, trauma, self-medication, and overdosing.

Each of our sessions is constructive and instrumental to your recovery.  We have group therapies with people who are also struggling with substance abuse, who are willing to listen. Our therapist is here to guide you through the treatment, as well as providing you with the support you need. Our program affords you the beauty of being in a compassionate, non-judgmental community of people who know the mental challenges that you are going through.

Substance abuse is not new anymore because several people all over the United States, as well as Illinois and the world at large, are suffering from it. However, it doesn’t have to dictate the way your life should go.

It is essential to get treatment for substance abuse. However, we understand the stigmatization that comes with substance abuse, and we know that it might be uneasy for you to walk into any substance treatment center. Worry no more because Condor Life Services is here for you.

We are an online treatment center prepared to assist you with any form of addiction treatment.

We are just a click away.

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Telehealth Iop Treatment Florida

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Telehealth Iop Treatment Florida

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