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Why Condor Life ServicesAbout Our Name

The South American Mapuche people call the Condor the ‘King of Birds’ and believe he embodies four cardinal virtues: Wisdom, Justice, Goodness and Leadership. This magnificent bird represents what it means to live freely, unhampered by anything that could interfere with living life to the fullest. You can find the Condor represented in tribal art as an open, free soaring symbol in the sky. This majestic creature perfectly represents the work we do at Condor Life Services. Our goal is to help people heal, spread their wings and live their best lives, free from the confinements of addiction.

Meet Our Team

President and CEO, Condor Life ServicesCarole Crawford

Carole Crawford founded Condor Life Services after three years of in-depth research in regards to the telehealth and telemental health industries. With a firm understanding of substance and alcohol use disorders (SADs), the Condor Life Services team zeroes in on telemental health for those who are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.

Besides building a team of caring, competent, effective and affordable clinicians, Crawford put particular emphasis on the delivery of specific types of treatment using the latest technology. As an example, Zoom is used to connect people in recovery to highly trained and professional clinicians. This is far different from the traditional forms of counseling that have been available.

Chief Clinician April Fischer

April has a Bachelor of Science Degree from Western Illinois University in Macomb, IL, and Counseling degree in the substance abuse arena. She has been in the Substance Abuse Field for 31 years. She has a vast knowledge of Substance and Alcohol use disorders (SADs). She is caring and compassionate in her field of expertise. Working with the Telehealth field is only another way to help those seeking freedom from abuse and addiction.

Director of Administration/Admissions Liz Burda

Liz Burda has worked in the Healthfield for 20 years in many fields, most recently the Emergency Room. She has extensive knowledge of insurance and EMR as well as working directly with clients. She is committed to making our clients experience the very best in their journey to overcome substance abuse and addiction.

A New Era for Mental and Behavioral Health Services

In the past, a client receiving treatment for substance abuse would have had to sign up for ongoing counseling sessions in a brick-and-mortar setting like a clinic or hospital. While these programs are beneficial, they can be a disruption to the normal flow of everyday life. This certainly doesn’t help someone who is already struggling to hold things together.

Crawford believes that when undergoing treatment for serious addiction issues, the last thing a vulnerable person needs is a complete disruption to their daily schedule. Given that intensive outpatient treatment in a traditional facility can demand up to five sessions in a work week, it’s no surprise that some people can’t commit to a treatment program.

Carole’s background includes an MBA in Marketing Management and 20 years of owning The Saturn Partners, Inc. a network security and compliance firm specializing in HIPAA compliance for hospitals and clinics nationwide, to test and build networks as well as physical environments to help clients pass and excel in HIPAA compliance and protection of private health information for the client and the patient.

Condor Life Services: How Our Telemental Health Services Came to Be

In 2001, Crawford founded The Saturn Partners, a security and HIPAA compliance audit firm that helps hospitals and clinics across the country deal with issues of confidentiality, privacy and efficiency. During her time at The Saturn Partners, Crawford went through counseling to help with family loss, grief and other personal issues. She quickly realized that there was a need for flexible, convenient and online-based counseling programs. This led to the development of Condor Life Services.

Fast forward to today and we’re now facing a pandemic with global repercussions. Due to this, more people are receiving medical and psychiatric care through telehealth appointments rather than doctors, hospitals and clinics. Crawford hopes that more people will be willing to take advantage of these convenient, affordable and personalized programs that can address mental and physical health, as well as behavioral problems.

Crawford holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida in Business Management, as well as an M.B.A in Marketing and Business Management from Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois. She resides in the Midwest U.S.

A Message from Our President

First of all, I wish to congratulate you for a brave and wise choice to reach out for help in dealing with a perceived, or real substance or alcohol addiction problem.
We at Condor Life Services know that our clients are facing unprecedented pressures and circumstances which could push anyone over the line into the path of addiction to substances. We too have been there, and we know how critically important it is to reach out and look for help in dealing with what can be life-threatening addiction, as well as the effect the addicted person’s behavior connected with this can be catastrophic not only on their lives, but the lives of a spouse, a parent, a child, even an employer.

I personally welcome you to read further on this website about the telehealth counseling services CLS can offer, tailor-made to fit you and your circumstances at this important stop along your path to desired sobriety.

You will find empathy throughout our company and especially our experienced and accredited counseling staff, many of who have walked your same path at some point in their lives; who are waiting to meet you and welcome you into the Condor fold to assist you in reaching your personal sobriety goal as well as finding the ‘true life’ you wish for, we hope, along the way.


Carole Crawford
Condor Life Services, LLC

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