Condor Life Services is Your Closest Ally In Your Fight For a New, Clean and Sober Life

Our mission is to assist and guide you with time-tested tools, processes and practices that we know will help you win your fight against addiction. Without this intervention, you will eventually land yourself in a life-or-death struggle against addiction. And as we’ve seen from our experience, the addiction almost always wins.

Even if addiction doesn’t take your life, it will ruin it from the inside out. The addicted brain can’t focus on anything else but drugs and alcohol – to the point where it believes these substances are essential to survival. Eventually, this disease will steal your relationships, your financial stability, your mental health and your love for yourself.

Education is one of our greatest weapons in the fight to get clean and stay sober. Condor Life Services utilizes the most advanced and effective tools to help our clients get themselves off drugs and alcohol and begin the healing process. With private and group counseling, spiritual guidance, social support and community outreach, we will build a resilient treatment plan that aligns you for success.