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There are many Wisconsin addiction recovery clinics to choose from if you require rehabilitation in the Badger State. However, few of these clinics employ the same methods to treat their patients. Even the top rehab centers in Wisconsin differ when it comes to how addiction is best treated. So with all these clinics offering such different treatments, how can you settle on a drug rehab facility in Wisconsin? Well, you can turn to the reviews. 

A simple online search will turn up a plethora of reviews for each Wisconsin drug rehab and the inpatient alcohol rehabs in WI. Some of these reviews are absolutely glowing. Some are less than that. Some of them are even downright awful. It seems that the only rehabilitation center in the clinic that has received almost universal acclaim from its past patients is Condor Life Services. 

So what makes us so special? Why should you rely on our treatments as opposed to those provided by other top rehab centers in Wisconsin? Read on to find out!

Various Addictions Treated

Some Wisconsin addiction recovery clinics believe a rehab center can only provide reliable treatment if it specializes in a specific addiction. As such, there are clinics throughout the state which treat alcohol or drug addiction exclusively. At Condor Life Services, however, we believe that it is possible for a rehabilitation center to treat multiple addictions and still help all of its patients achieve lasting sobriety. This, of course, requires an extensive team of expert staff. Thankfully, our clinic boasts the finest addiction specialists in all of Wisconsin. 

Inpatient And Outpatient Options

Just as there are many rehab centers in our great state that cater to one addiction exclusively, there are those that believe inpatient treatment is always superior to outpatient treatment or vice versa. The truth is that it is impossible to say one of these treatments is better than the other. You see, everybody experiences addiction differently. This means that different forms of treatment work better for different people. There are those who benefit immensely from the stability and supervision of a residential program. However, there are also patients who find residential care to be too controlling and, as such, react better to outpatient treatment. At Condor Life Services, we recognize the importance of giving patients a choice in the treatment they receive. That’s why we offer both residential care and intensive outpatient treatment in Wisconsin.

Online Options

Owing to the current global pandemic, clinics across Wisconsin are scrambling to craft online rehabilitation courses. For Condor Life Services, however, this has not been an issue. Our expert staff have long understood the advantages of online rehabilitation and were conducting remote treatment sessions even when others in the industry said they couldn’t be done. While other Wisconsin addiction treatment centers are struggling to finalize their online programs, we have long had ours in place and have utilized it to treat countless patients before and during Covid-19 restrictions.

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