Wisconsin Iop Program

Do you or your loved ones have drug or alcohol dependence? Or do you have severe depression and anxiety issues? If you live in Wisconsin in the United States, you need to undergo our unsurpassed intensive outpatient program at Live Free.

Our Wisconsin IOP program aims to help you get a grip on your life anchored on a personalized approach to providing a permanent treatment to your substance and drug abuse disorders. Our intensive outpatient treatment in Wisconsin is best suited for severe drug and alcohol addicts who are suicidal, overdependent on drugs and alcohol and have a mental illness.

If you desire to experience ideal intensive outpatient treatment, in that case, you will have to schedule a convenient time to visit our facility because we work round the clock to ensure your recovery from drug and alcohol dependence is permanent.


At Condor Life Services, we are the foremost among top rehab centers in Wisconsin because we run a unique online substance disorder counseling suitable in the new era of the Covid-19 pandemic. We implemented this innovative therapy for substance abuse recovery starters and those who need urgent help to stop their dependence on alcohol and drug addiction because we understand that delay is dangerous.

Also, we believe in taking care of you in every possible confidential manner. This online counseling is also an avenue to make inquiries with our customer service representatives to get genuine answers to questions troubling you regarding our intensive outpatient programs. No matter how busy you are and how far you are from us, you can participate in our custom-based approach counseling sessions tailored to suit your business or personal schedules.


It’s known that addicts are not only the jobless people in society. Most drug and alcohol addicts are professionals. And this is why our drug rehab facility in Wisconsin is targeted at drug and alcohol addict working professionals who do not want to lose their jobs in the process of treating their substance and alcohol abuse addiction. Some of them may be ashamed to opt for inpatient rehabilitation services. So, we help them work out a treatment schedule that will make them get back to their normal lives without hassles.


Upon enrolling for our intensive outpatient program, our medical staff run personalized assessment and come up with recommendations which suits your unique treatment needs. Such recommendations may be that you need psychiatric attention or need medical care beginning with detoxification if your addiction is alcohol dependence. 

Sometimes, they may recommend that you require to be treated at home. Our intensive outpatient programs’ standard timeframe is 120 days, but subjects to change if you will rather take your time to treat your addiction at your pace. 

We run group sessions every week for at least 3 hours. Your Primary Clinician reviews your addiction issues when you complete four written tasks. You have an opportunity to discuss and be counseled by your Primary Clinician every week for 1 hour. We have a well-developed treatment plan which includes a credentialed Clinician dedicated to you until you recover from your drug and alcohol addiction. 

Our program is comprehensive as it seeks to nip your trauma in the bud and help you recover your self-esteem by teaching you life skills and healthy habits. Our systematic approach and proven results have made us the leading Wisconsin Drug rehab and inpatient alcohol rehabs in WI. 

Contact Condor Life Services and discover your true path in life with our one-of-a-kind online substance disorder counseling: 833-955-5888.

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