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If you or your loved one is searching for a reliable Wisconsin IOP treatment program, you need not look any further than Condor Life Services. Of all the intensive outpatient program treatment centers in Wisconsin, Condor Life Services is considered to be the absolute best. There are a number of reasons for this, including the unsurpassed expertise of our staff and our scientifically-proven treatment methods. However, it is our online intensive outpatient treatment program that is making us increasingly popular among the people of the Badger State.

But what is so special about our online IOP in Wisconsin? How does it differ from a more traditional intensive outpatient treatment program? Why should you choose Condor Life Services for an online IOP program over the other rehabilitation clinics offering similar remote forms of treatment? Check out the article below for the answers!

Here is a comprehensive comparison of our traditional IOP and our online outpatient addiction services in Wisconsin.

Traditional IOP

A traditional intensive outpatient program is quite similar to residential care, in that it requires the patient to spend a great deal of time in our clinic. Many people find this extremely advantageous, as the constant supervision of our addiction specialists provides them with the encouragement they need to remain sober.

Those enrolled in our traditional IOP must complete 40 hours of treatment per month. This is made up of group counseling sessions, one-on-one therapy sessions, and regular performance reviews. The program generally lasts for 120 days, with the option to extend rehabilitation if needed.

One of the great advantages of an in-person IOP is that the patient will undergo a supervised withdrawal period. This ensures they will enjoy the support and encouragement of our addiction specialists as they complete the detoxification process, which often proves to be the most taxing part of rehabilitation.

Online IOP

At Condor Life Services, we strive to provide our patients with the best intensive outpatient treatment in Wisconsin. For this reason, we aim to make our online IOP just as comprehensive as our traditional alternative. This is in stark contrast to many other clinics offering virtual Wisconsin IOP treatment, as they tend to water down their courses to make them easier to administer online.

Our online IOP boasts all of the same benefits as our in-person IOP. This includes 40 course hours per month, group counseling sessions, and one-on-one meetings. Of course, the major advantage of choosing our online IOP is that it allows a great deal of flexibility.

Patients enrolled in our online IOP can complete their rehabilitation from the comfort of their own home. For many people, this is the perfect way to ease the stresses of the recovery process. It is also extremely convenient in the current global climate, where the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has forced many rehabilitation clinics to shut their doors. By pursuing treatment online, you can achieve lasting sobriety even in these trying times.

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